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 WTS Swedish Mauser w/ Diopter Sight set, target grip, + more
HikerLT  [Member]
11/23/2006 5:29:50 PM EDT
WTS 96 Swedish Mauser with mounted ELIT Diopter target sight and front globe hooded sight.
1913 Carl Gustafs Staus Gevarsfaktori.

Receiver, ejector, barrel, and all bolt parts are matching serial number.
Stock, sight leaf, swivel band, and buttplate are mis-matched serial numbers.

Also Included with this rifle ( extras list):

- a total of 7 extra front globe sight inserts ( in addition to the one already placed in the front globe sight)
- - a 5 pocket Swedish Army Ammunition belt
- A hard to find Swedish Mauser detachable pistol grip. (already attached to rifle)
- Swedish Mauser Bayonet (not pictured)
- Swedish Leather Sling


Rifle with Diopter rear sight, globe front sight and the extras list is $575 + ship costs

Rifle only( with Diopter rear sight, Front Globe sight w/ 1 insert), minus the extras list $450 + ship costs

This addition of the windage and height adjustable peep sight, along with the add-on pistol grip, makes this normally accurate Swedish Mauser to be an even more accurate tack-driver !. This Swede action was hand-picked for me by a friend who knows Swede Mausers when he visited Samco Global warehouse, during one of his frequent visits there..

3 day unfired inspection, no questions asked return full refund minus ship fees..

Buyer pays only actual ship and insurance fees, no hidden charges for packing, etc..

All Federal laws and state and local laws apply, requires C&R or class 01 FFL for transfer, payment by Postal Money order or cashiers check. Buyers responsibility to ensure their State law requirements are met and that this is legal for them to purchase.
You can also check my feedback on eBay,,, FalFiles, and on the website, all under the name “HikerLT”

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