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 WTB: S&W Model M&P15T Rifle Type Upper Assembly
Larry-in-Eastbay  [Member]
5/11/2008 10:19:01 AM EDT
Thought I would try the WTB forum as I have been looking without success.

I have an ol' school CAR type CA registered AW and thought I would update it with the "NEW LOOK".

I am looking for this particular style upper with:
-M-4 upper
-M-4feed ramps cut
-9" (preferred if it covers the gas block) or 10" Free float quad rail
-that has a seamless look tie in at receiver (top rails line up continuously),
-Barrel M-4 cut
-prefer chrome lined
-1/9 perferred but maybe 1/7
-government profile
-or possibly light weight
-probably with CAR gas tube length
-of course with low gas block profile.

The rest in negotiable (like w/wo bolt carrier and type, folding BUIS, muzzle break, etc).

For comparison photos see below.
S&W Model M&P15T Rifle Type Upper

And a comparable upper sold at another site
comparable upper

If you have such in great condition (not all beat up with high round count) or think you can put together one then please respond with price and variation. Pics would be nice to. Also if you know a dealer with such then send a link as I know I have not looked at every dealer out there yet.

Been looking at the dealers and seems none of them have this particular preference I have bu I suppose if I can not find here that I will call them to see what they are willing to do.

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Larry-in-Eastbay  [Member]
5/14/2008 6:18:04 PM EDT
BTT, still looking.

Missed two in this exact same configuration because I can not do "WEAPONS" on Internet at work. They have a firewall with a childrens filter on it that blocks ALL FIREARMS SITES with a great big STOP SIGN saying NO WEAPONS web sites allowed.

If you don't have one yourself maybe you can point me to a site that has such.

Larry-in-Eastbay  [Member]
6/7/2008 11:28:07 PM EDT
One more try.

Then again no one reads the WTB.

Saw a few more that would have done nicely but missed due to my job is one where they expect me to work during the day instead of playing on iternet all day and getting paid to do that.

I am surprised there are no, absolutely none, dealers offering a build like this. Absolutely no responses.
wools10  [Member]
6/8/2008 3:51:26 AM EDT
I believe people (sellers) read these ads. I do. You've got quite a list of requirements, (with variables) and few people have this 2008 gear for sale. As you see by your link, the rifle you are trying to build is a 1700.00 + rifle. I have an upper that's close, but not what you are looking for. This stuff is expensive, and people that can afford it usually just go to a dealer and buy it. People that place want ads for this high end gear usually dont want to pay what its worth. Thats the problem.
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