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 Assorted military camo for sale (BDU Woodland, DCU, British Woodland DPM, Tiger Stripe, Alpenflage)
JAD  [Member]
7/19/2010 7:08:04 AM EDT
1. British Army Combat "Smock" (jacket). Woodland DPM camo pattern. Made in the UK by Cookson & Clegg Ltd. The jacket is marked "size 1" which translates to NATO size 6070/8595. That is like the equiv. of an American small. Designed for somebody who 160-170cm tall (5'3"-5'7") with a 85 to 95cm chest (34-38") ALL THAT SAID, IT REALLY FITS MORE LIKE A MEDIUM. I'M 6'0 AND 158 LBS AND IT FITS ME GREAT IN THE CHEST AND SHOULDERS, SLEEVES ARE AT THE SHORT END OF FITTING. . Loads of pockets- 4 on the chest 1 on the left sleeve, sveeral on the inside of the coat. All external pockets are secured with buttons. Jacket closure is with a heavy duty mil-spec brass zipper AND flap/ buttons on top of it. British PVT rank insignia sewn on to the right sleeve. There is also internal buttons for installing a liner of somesort. Slightly heavier than a US BDU jacket- great in autumn (OCT- NOV and maybe early DEC here in New England). A couple of minor soldier repairs from it's previous life (very common on British uniform items). $11 delivered

2.Tiger Stripe BDU top. X-Small Regular (height 67-71, Chest up to 33). Excellent condition. This is USA made, I'm going to assume by a US DOD contractor, because the tags have NSN and contract number references that line up with those for Woodland BDU jackets. Very high quality, worn little. $7.50 delivered

3. US Military Surplus DCU (3-color Desert) "BDU-type" top. Size medium regular. Genuine US Surplus- Unissued, Unworn condition. Still have US Military supply tags attached. $7.50 delivered.

4. Tiger Stripe M-65 Field Jacket (X-Small Regular) with US Mil Surplus X-small regular button in liner. The jacket was made by Winfield INternational, probably in the 80s or early 90s. Winfield International was a US government contractor of M-65 field jackets and had experience making some of the original Tiger Stripe uniform items that were issued out during the Viet Nam era. This jacket is a commercial item. Remember that M-65s generally run about a size bigger than the tag may fit somebody who might wear size small-reg BDUs. $30.00 delivered VG+ Condition.

5. Swiss surplus Alpenflage "BDU" set. I would say this fits like a medium. Includes jacket and pants. $11 delivered For $15 delivered, you can get it with the an original Swiss Alpenflage one size fits all patrol cap in excellent condition as well as the pants and jacket (kind of hard to find the caps).

6. Woodland camo "vest"- really a cut-off US surplus BDU jacket. Still retails name-tape and SPC/ E-4 sew on rank insignia on collar. Size "Medium- Long". I bought this pre-cutoff. I spent a lot of time removing any fray- should be good to go. I'll leave removing the remaining tape/ rank insignia to you. $5 delivered

Delivered prices are for US Buyers (incl. AK, HI, PR, GU, etc...). I will ship anywhere in the world- tell me what you want, I'll tell you how much.

Paypal (I would appreciate it if you voluntarily add 3.5% to cover my fees)
Check (.biz or personnal, NO HOLD TIME!!!)
Money Order (any type)
Gold or Silver (you are paying to get me the metal, and expect to give me about 15% over spot value (ie. if a price is equiv to 2oz of silver, I want 2.5 oz).

Prices are very much negotiable!! Just make me an offer!!

I'll post pics in a little while.
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