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 inland empire/riverside - monsterman grip, A2 stock, stag ambi selector for sale
Infamous  [Member]
1/10/2007 7:43:32 PM EDT
now i knwo this isnt the EE, but these are california specific items

i have a monsterman grip, A2 stock, and stag ambi selector

id like to get rid of these all together. going gripless will allow you to run 10 round detacheable mags provided you have no evil features (refer to

disclaimer: i am not a lawyer and my advice should not be taken as such

id like 30 bucks for grip, 50 bucks for stock - includes spring and buffer, 20 bucks for ambi selector

now that adds up to 100. ill take 90 for everything at once.

i hate checks, the mail, and paypal, so i can meet / deliver an appropriate distance from 92507
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NeoWeird  [Team Member]
1/10/2007 4:53:57 PM EDT
I am interested but don't know if money permits. Let me see what I can do...
wikidklown  [Member]
1/10/2007 9:28:54 PM EDT
I'll take the Monsterman grip for 30 bucks
I'm in 95035
surferfl7  [Member]
1/11/2007 8:38:19 AM EDT
I'll take the ambi selector!!
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gnezhekul  [Member]
1/29/2007 8:18:45 PM EDT
a2 stock!
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