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 ZM weapons upper, AR15 SBR lower...SOLD
mr_h  [Member]
2/25/2009 7:46:56 AM EDT
bought this upper 2 years ago from YHM, it's an 11.5" barrel with a 1 in 9 twist. the upper uses a DI gas system but with a shorter gas tube that vents more gas under the hand gaurds instead of inside the carrier. it definetly runs cleaner than conventional DI uppers but still uses some gas to cycle the action. in addition to running cleaner it also shoots smoother than the standard DI uppers. this 11.5 barrel shoots like my 20" ar15 with limp ammo.

it functions 100% perfect with all ammo but will not tollerate suppressors with the current recoil spring. they tend to make it cycle too fast and will leave brass in the chamber on occation. someone informed me that ZM has heavier springs available for suppressor use

the lower was done on a form 1 and is an Eagle Arms. has a bushmaster lower rec parts kits for internals and a magpul grip.

the set up is being sold as shown MINUS the reflex sight and VPG and sling strap. the troy flip sights will be included in sale price of $1800. buyer to pay all transfer fees.

if you want to save money and remove the troy sights or the kx3, then subtract $100 for each part.
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