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 How much is an original M2 Carbine worth?
Atreides  [Member]
12/1/2004 9:00:25 PM EDT
I have found an older gentleman who has an original M2 Carbine in very good shape. The bluing on the barrel is solid as is the reciever, but the finish on trigger assy and bolt (1/2 bolt) is thin. The bore and chamber are in excellent shape, and the rifling clean and smooth, no pitting, no rust. The stock is your typical "old Carbine" shape: Oil stained dark wood. No scars or scratches in the wood.

Magazines fit solid into the reciever, and the gun functions perfectly, both in semi and in full-auto mode. The man said he got it from his father, where his father got it from I do not know. The only marking on it is "U.S. Carbine CAL .30 m2" so it is an original M2, not a conversion.

He has a bunch or 15 rd and 30 rd mags, and 500 rounds on stripper clips and 500 rounds boxed. He has 2, this being the more worn of the pair and he wants to sell this one. What is a gun like this worth today? it's a beautiful weapon for sure.
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MisterPX  [Team Member]
12/1/2004 9:26:38 PM EDT
Without any BATFE paperwork, it's worthless to the average gun owner.
Sukebe  [Member]
12/1/2004 10:15:35 PM EDT
G.I. carbines were not blued, they were parkerized. What if any markings are on the stock and who is the manufacturer of the carbine.
OLY-M4gery  [Team Member]
12/1/2004 10:36:00 PM EDT
About 10 years each.
Atreides  [Member]
12/1/2004 10:53:29 PM EDT
OK I'll leave it be.
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Southern_Raider  [Member]
12/2/2004 6:03:22 AM EDT
I think you got the right answer, but I want to emphasize a point. On occasion, one finds a semi-auto carbine with all M1 parts installed, however the receiver is marked "M2". Despite the fact that such a weapon is a semi, the ATF opinion is that the receiver left the factory as a functioning MG, thus the receiver is that of a MG and therefore contraband.

I'm posting this just in case the guy makes you an offer to take out the M2 parts for M1 parts.
Atreides  [Member]
12/2/2004 11:56:35 AM EDT
Thanks again for the heads up on this guys, I appreciate it. So, the only way this guys dad was able to get this gun was to steal it? Geez....
faris  [Member]
12/2/2004 12:38:47 PM EDT
You might want to clue this gentleman into the fact that mere possession of an M2 marked carbine is a Federal and State FELONY crime.

If he tries to sell to someone else they might well turn him in, and he COULD go to prison.
Repeat: Simply having one of these is a FELONY crime.

The position of the Federal government is: A machine gun is forever more and always a machine gun.

You cannot "un-make" an automatic weapon, and since the ATF will no longer allow them to be registered, you cannot make it legal.

This is a problem lately as many older vets are dying and their relatives are finding all kinds of prohibited weapons in footlockers and closets.

To be legal, (and safe from prosecution) his best bet is to call the ATF and surrender the guns.
Before doing so, he can strip all the parts off, since the parts are worth something and they are legal
to own.

The only possibility of legality is, the chance he may have legally registered the guns with the Feds, in which case he would be able to keep or legally sell them.

Again, you need to warn him that this is SERIOUS business. Federal gun laws are nothing to fool around with, and a Federal or state prosecutor won't care how old he is or anything else other than his being in possession of guns that have been illegal since 1934.
booger-hooker  [Member]
12/2/2004 2:59:09 PM EDT
I agree with Faris and that is to make sure this hasn't already been registered in the past with the BATFE, it's possible that it's all legit and that he amnesty registered after he brought it back home. It would be a shame to lose a couple legit transferable M2 Carbines just because the question wasn't asked or the gentleman or, if it's possible, call BATFE and see if the serial numbers have been registered in the past. YMMV but it would be worth the time to check it out I believe. Good Luck!

Whoa, hold the presses...I just seen that you're posting from Hawaii and I believe Hawaii is a NON Class 3 state. If this transaction is taking place there then that would be a Bozo no-no. I'll second what those guys say about acquiring these weapons and that is don't take anything with the receiver attached to it. Even if they're registered I believe only a dealer could acquire them and if that's so you maybe could get a finders fee from them. Buyer beware and tread with caution!
Atreides  [Member]
12/2/2004 5:00:33 PM EDT
Thanks alot again Gentlemen.

I am sure glad I checked here first. I don't think he knows about what sort of trouble he can get in, because he asked me if I knew of anyone else that may be interested. I guess to him, it's just one of his Pops guns. I gave him a call and told him what I learned here, but don't know if he will take the advice. He seems to want to get rid of one of the guns but has his mind set that he wants to keep the other. I think it's because he thinks of them as some sort of Antique item worth something. It's the first time I have ever seen a "real" automatic weapon other than in the movies.

Thanks again, you guys are great.
booger-hooker  [Member]
12/2/2004 6:33:24 PM EDT
Glad to be of help...but don't be afraid to buy the mags and ammo off him as they'll work in a M-1 Carbine if you're so inclined.
Atreides  [Member]
12/2/2004 9:03:41 PM EDT
I'm scared to go back to the dudes house!

I have an M1 and could use the bullets, but that I know what ya'll taught me, I don't wanna bother with the guy!~
drew5337  [Team Member]
12/3/2004 9:22:23 AM EDT
MOST people are woefully ignorant about class 3 legalities, and its no suprise as complicated as the laws are. I had a guy ask me the other day if he could buy full auto trigger parts and install them legally in his SAR-2......

On the off chance that these are registered and transferable, buy up! Prices of class 3 weapons are always rising.

Tell the guy to check out and
Razorking  [Member]
12/3/2004 9:43:09 AM EDT
Need some M1 info. Picked up a couple of these babies some years back. Bought from Blue Sky Armory. Produced by Inland. I'm looking to date these arms. I removed the butt plate and the number 1941 is stamped on the stock. What is the significance of this number. Date? Nice little weapon and a good shooter!

On a side note, I also learned recently that the original protos for the M1 Carbine had the barrel and gas block machined from one piece. That meant that each barrel was turned from a 1.812" round piece of bar stock. I wonder how many of those are laying around out there?
R-32  [Team Member]
12/3/2004 5:49:43 PM EDT
You guys should buy a couple of M-1 receivers and have a boating accident with the M-2 reveivers...(really)

Trying to contact the BATFE is just asking for trouble....
Atreides  [Member]
12/3/2004 8:40:19 PM EDT
Very true, but them M2's are his problem now. I'm HAPPY with my M1's!

I don't even want mags from the guy, even if they are the same as the M1's. I'm done with that.
R-32  [Team Member]
12/3/2004 9:33:01 PM EDT
If the guy is a dick head then he gets what he has ask'd for.....

If he is a good guy, then I would help him get them right....then make damn sure he dumps the other receivers somewhere very deep.....

No need to be scared, just shut your pie hole and do it. no need in blowing shitloads of tax dollars, and wasted time over something you could not control. just fix the prob and be done with it.

But if you want to be a paranoid tinfoil hat type...You already fucked up by posteing this thread in the first place.
Atreides  [Member]
12/5/2004 2:09:59 AM EDT
Not that he's a dickhead R, it's just that he's had these things for so long that he isn't really worried about getting busted for them. Being that he's had them for so long, I doubt that he'd even consider registering them. He told me that his father never registered them because back in the day, long gun registration was volentary here in Hawaii. He told me all I would have to do is register the one he was selling under my name as a new registration.

Being an M1 fan, I can tell you, I was very tempted to get that rifle from him. It would have been more of a collectors item for me, and probably never shot again after 'testing' if it functioned or not. It sure would have looked nice next to my M1 Carbine, M1 Garand & M1A for sure. I always have my eye out for a WWII style Tommy and a Grease gun replica for a good price. I just thought I stumbled on a gun worth being colleted that's all. Thanks for the offer to help register them R, I'll run the idea past him, but like I said, I doubt he cares.
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