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 Tactical bolt knob install for Weatherby
Smorgousford  [Member]
2/28/2011 3:16:23 PM EST
Does anyone know who installs tactical bolt knobs (EGW, Badger, etc) onto a Weatherby Vanguard (Howa 1500) bolt?
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glock24  [Member]
2/28/2011 4:12:57 PM EST
Mark Gordon of Short Action Customs for sure.

I also believe Frank Hargrove of Cactus Weapons Systems works on these actions. Call or e-mail to confirm.

Lastly, if you haven't seen these articles below, you might appreciate reading them;

Custom Howa 1500 part 1

Custom Howa 1500 part 2
Smorgousford  [Member]
2/28/2011 4:30:06 PM EST
Awesome! Thanks!!!
Smorgousford  [Member]
3/2/2011 6:44:40 AM EST
Just for future reference for those looking for the same thing:

Badger Ordnance, EGW, and AZ Precision don't install bolt knobs on Howa actions. It looks like the problem is that the action is a very hard steel and tears up their tooling.

Short Action Customs looks like the way to go: