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 mag conversion for a Remington 700 SPS
theoriginalrecon  [Member]
11/9/2008 1:34:33 PM EST
I'm looking at purchasing a Remington 700 SPS Tactical 20" .308 at the local shop soon($640 out the door, without rings or glass). Only thing I don't like about it is it lacks a detachable mag. I know there are SPS DM's that have the detachable magazine, and I'm wondering if there's a conversion kit to make the one in question accept magazines. Thanks!
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300ultramag  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 1:39:05 PM EST
$640 is a rip IMO, they can be had in the $525-535 range off gunbroker + $25 shipping + FFL fee.
mathecb  [Member]
11/9/2008 1:41:47 PM EST
If you are going to spend more than $250. Go ahead and get an HS Precision police stock with DBM installed. Brownells usually has them in stock. I have the Badger Ordnance and love it also.
PogueMahone  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 2:22:22 PM EST
not a detachable mag but a mag extender is this arms tech from midway. it goes from 4 rds to 7 rds and costs $19.97.
beenaround  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 2:24:18 PM EST
You can find the Badger M5 setup for under $350. There is a little work involved with install but its not going to be anywhere near $600.
300ultramag  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 2:29:29 PM EST
this is a good option. would also be a waste to put a nice DBM setup on the factory stock.

also for $780 you can get a AICS 1.5 stock and it has the DBM built in plus you get a super nice stock.
rock71  [Member]
11/9/2008 3:02:31 PM EST
Dicks had them on sale about a week ago for under $500. (Columbia SC) The one with the funny stock not the overmolded stock.
CEFPARTS  [Member]
11/9/2008 3:30:52 PM EST
Originally Posted By rock71:
Dicks had them on sale about a week ago for under $500. (Columbia SC) The one with the funny stock not the overmolded stock.

I'll confirm this^ My buddy bought a SPS .308 this past thurs from Dick's in Columbia. Out the door was $530 including a POS scope and rings. We need to work on the stock, it's touching the barrel. Wes
theoriginalrecon  [Member]
11/9/2008 4:02:48 PM EST
That Arms-Tech will work just fine.

I don't really want to get a different stock, seems like a lot of money for what I want. I just want magazines that detach. If that means I have to spend ~$400 to get a new stock to do that, I'll just keep the hinged floorplate.

Thanks for the tips on prices, I'll check Dick's this week(they dont sell rifles online, who'da thunk). I checked the auction sites/gunsamerica but they were charging as much or more for what I wanted (.308 tactical, withOUT the ugly hogue stock)

Thanks for all the help!
beenaround  [Team Member]
11/9/2008 5:39:13 PM EST
This right here fits into the Remmy 700 SA. You may have to mill slightly for a perfect fit but you do not have to spend the $600+ for the stock and kit.

This can be found for less then $350

Badger M5 kit
ziarifleman  [Team Member]
11/10/2008 4:35:23 AM EST
IIRC, GA Precision will inlet a stock for the M5 for $60.
theoriginalrecon  [Member]
11/10/2008 3:38:27 PM EST
I imagine the SPS Tac is short action, can someone verify this?

edit- also, can the M5 accept standard 700 magazines?
ziarifleman  [Team Member]
11/10/2008 3:41:03 PM EST
What is it chambered for?

My initial supposition is yes, but Remington may have done something dumb like make one in .30-06 or something, in which case it'd be a long-action.

If the overall length of the cartridge is 2.8" or less, then it is likely a "short action."
beenaround  [Team Member]
11/10/2008 5:16:53 PM EST
My .308 is a SA, and my old .223 was a SA. I was reading in a mag about a .300 Win which was LA- im pretty sure all the SPS's in .308 and .223 are SA but make sure to double check before buying cause returns are a bitch when it comes to custom parts.
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