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 How do you replace the bolt-knob on a Savage 10-FP accu-trigger?
esse_bee_are  [Member]
3/26/2008 7:03:20 AM EST
I ordered a replacement from Savage, as the gun dealer I bought my savage from had scavenged it... so I ordered just the bolt handle, and it has not come in yet.
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THOLL223  [Team Member]
3/26/2008 7:21:36 AM EST
Found this on another site for you:

Using a 1/4" allen wrench, unscrew the back of the bolt all the way out. Take the handle off. If you're the belt and suspenders type, mark the handle and bolt with a Sharpie to make it easier to put back together. The large black round black thing sticking out of the side of the bolt is the cocking piece pin. It's kept in place by the cocking piece sleeve under it. The sleeve has a slot in it and at the front of that slot is a round hole that let's you take the pin out. Slide the sleeve to the rear of the bolt with your right index finger and wiggle the pin with your left hand when the sleeve is as far back as it goes. The pin will come out easily when you get to the hole.

Once the pin is out, the sleeve and firing pin/spring just slide out the back.

To re-assemble, just reverse the steps. The only thing vaguely tricky about putting it back together is getting the hole in the sleeve lined up with the hole in the firing pin. Just use a dull pencil to get them aligned.

The bolt handle looks like it would go on four different ways. Two are obviously wrong (the flat part of the handle is toward the front of the bolt). The other wrong way isn't quite so obvious. For a right handled bolt you want the Savage logo at twelve oclock and the handle at about three o'clock... maybe 3:30 or quarter of four. If you had used the Sharpie this wouldn't be a problem.

Before you screw the whole shebang back together, make sure the cocking piece pin is in the cocked position (sitting the little notch in the rear of the sleeve or as clockwise as it will go when looking at it from the rear). If you don't the bolt won't go in the receiver since the pin goes in the same groove as the lug. When you screw it all back together with your fingers it will go so far and then seem to stop. It's just the firing pin spring getting compressed and should turn pretty easily with the allen wrench. It shouldn't get really hard to turn until the handle is firmly tightened to the bolt, at which point you're done.

Takes longer to type that it does to do.....

Somebody even did pics to help explain. Pics

esse_bee_are  [Member]
3/26/2008 7:26:04 AM EST
Thanks dude - that fast, and informative, post makes me really appreciate this site!!!

jmt1271  [Team Member]
3/26/2008 10:46:00 AM EST
i thought there was cutting and welding involved. From that description it seems to be a simple remove and replace job. I guess I am talking about replacing just the knob with an oversized knob, like the Badger, right? Does anyone make an oversized unit that is a simple R&R or are they all cut/weld jobs? I dont need one, but the Badger and other oversized knobs just look cool. My Savage 10FCP has a factory "oversized" knob, but nothing like the more angular and larger Badger. If somebody made one that resembled the Badger but was a simple swap, I would get one. Sorry to hijack, but I think it is pertinent. Anybody know?
esse_bee_are  [Member]
3/26/2008 11:46:46 AM EST
I asked Savage if they had the badger knob, and they didn't... just plain old over-sized round, which I've gotten used to anyway.
jmt1271  [Team Member]
3/26/2008 11:54:04 AM EST
That is what came on my FCP, I think. It is fine and functions perfectly. I just like the look of the Badger and other oversized ones.
Dog1  [Team Member]
3/26/2008 12:11:56 PM EST
When I wanted a Badger one on my Savage 110fp, I could not find anyone to do it. I was told that the OEM bolt handle was made of steel that was so hard it ate cutters.

I called every local smith, Sharp Shooters, every Savage smith, even Badger. I called Badger last and was told that they make the knob for Remingtons only.

So I sold it here in the EE and bought a factory Savage tactical bolt knob. Installed it in about 2 minutes.

AL_Safety  [Member]
3/26/2008 3:32:56 PM EST
I replaced the knob on my pre-accutrigger 10fp with the savage bolt replacement handle from Brownell's. I think it was 18 bucks, a two minute install and bigger knob than the small factory model. I just did this two weeks ago. Aside from needing to apply more torque than I expected to remove the nut, it was incredidibly easy.
The cut and weld mod seems like an expensive option - last time I had that done on an old small ring mauser, the knob with new safety was about $70 and that was at least 10 years ago.
pick713  [Team Member]
3/27/2008 4:17:28 AM EST
I replaced my entire knob and handle with an extended unit from Sharp Shooter Supply. Works very well, and provided more leverage to make the bolt easier to operate while I am mounted behind the rifle. Now I don't have to take my eyes off target to chamber a new round.
vwpilot  [Member]
3/27/2008 10:38:28 AM EST
I did mine with one from SSS as well. It was very easier, actually easier than that posted explanation sounds like. It was a simple remove the rear allen bolt, slide old handle off and slide new handle on.
jmt1271  [Team Member]
3/27/2008 11:36:46 AM EST

Originally Posted By vwpilot:
I did mine with one from SSS as well. It was very easier, actually easier than that posted explanation sounds like. It was a simple remove the rear allen bolt, slide old handle off and slide new handle on.

Can either of you show pics of the new bolt handle? I would only change mine for looks as I can eject and chamber very easily with the factory knob, so O would love to see how they look on a Savage.
pick713  [Team Member]
3/27/2008 12:58:59 PM EST
Mine is at the smith being bedded and threaded for my suppressor. Their website has pics of the handles, but I don't have na up close pic of it on my rifle. Looks good though.
number40Fan  [Member]
3/27/2008 4:29:29 PM EST
This is what sharpshootersupply has to offer.

esse_bee_are  [Member]
3/31/2008 11:13:57 AM EST
I got the factory BT style... here's a link to my two babies. The folder has an AWC thunder trap, cut to 18.5" by AWC and shoots 1/4 MOA. Both are equipped with super snipers... great setups for less than $3800 total investment.

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