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 Mauser Kar. 98 Build Questions
rrbgeb  [Member]
7/4/2006 3:10:55 PM EST
First, I would like to build / re-build a Danzig 1911 marked Kar. 98. into a new toy. Economics is not the primary reason. It has family history. Have the tools / capabilities to "borrow" the rest from associates. Looking at bbl, stock and trigger.

Diameter of reciever is 1.3" however, it measures 7 7/8" between action screws. Bolt is bent. It appears to be a small ring with large ring action spacing based on the info I can find. This is the source of confusion.

Is this a non-mainstream variant?

Before I order the pieces (bbl, stock, trigger) I'd like to know what I have and what I need to put together. Any advice appreciated.

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pepperbelly  [Member]
7/5/2006 4:32:06 PM EST
Please, if it is all matching, don't butcher a German Mauser rifle. There are many other Mausers that would work as well without destroying history. Besides, that Mauser, if it is original and matching, is probably worth $800.00+ to a collector. You could buy a Yugo 98k for under $150.00 and use it, or even a Turk, depending on what caliber you want.

In any case, I am a mod on THIS C&R site. That link has Mauser action dimensions that should help you. I think your rifle has a large ring/ large thread action, unless it different from the other 98k Mauser rifles.

It's your rifle, and you can sporterize it if you want to. There are a lot of guys that will scream bloody murder if you do, but iI would just ask you to think about it.
If nothing else I'll trade you a Yugo 98k for it. Mine has a large ring/ large thread action. Those can be made into any caliber that will fir into the magazine.
There are some calibers that would cause serious problems- .223 is one that won't work because of the bolt face.

Good luck with your choice.

pepperbelly  [Member]
7/5/2006 7:50:13 PM EST
A friend with more wisdom than I sant this- LINK.
He says "Could be a Danzig 98a which would be a SMALL ring, 98 style action. Not sure about the barrel threads though."
Read that last linked page. The bolts on the 98k and the 98a are significantly different.
You will need to find out exactly what you have before buying any parts.
It may be a real collector's piece.

rrbgeb  [Member]
7/6/2006 1:24:12 AM EST
That last link is the one. 1911 Prussian Arsenal Danzig. Turned down bolt handle with flat.

I would not even think of butchering any rifle but it's already been hacked on. Bbl is shortened and pitted, stock is cut down. Yes all the numbers match, even the stock.

Thanks for the info. Guess I'd have to pull the bbl to check the thread pitch. May just keep it sitting in the safe.