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 Any Steyr SSG 69 owners out there? A few questions ...
SCHNOOK  [Member]
8/12/2005 9:53:38 PM
I have a PIIK & aPI. I was wondering what factory loads have worked for you . I have no way to reload so that is all I can use . What are your opinions of the SSG 69 . Any info on these rifles would be appreciated. I am also looking for the factory sling for one of them.
ScooterP  [Team Member]
8/14/2005 9:44:40 PM
I owned an SSG PIIK for several years. Mine shot almost anything accurately. Federal Gold Medal Match 168 was great and so was the Black Hills 175 gr BTHP match. Most of the Steyrs I have seen shot better with a fouled or dirty barrel. Be very careful with the mags. They are fragile, expensive and will melt if subject to gun scrubber or most solvents. Alway remove them beofre cleaning. The stock should be covered with a towel or mat when cleaning to prevent solvent from getting on it. Good luck and enjoy. They are good rifles.
Watch-Six  [Member]
8/17/2005 5:44:03 PM
I had a full sized SSG69 and I traded it in on a PIIK. I should have kept them both! They are great rifles. Scope mounts are expensive. Federal 168gr match shoots great in them. I use handloads, but factory ammo should do fine. I don't know how much support you can get from the factory now. Gun South used to be the importer. They were good to work with. They don't handle Steyr any more. I have had only three minor problems over many years with both rifles. I cracked the plastic base plate by overtightening the action screws. My own darn fault. The firing pin broke on my first rifle. Gun South fixed it. I always use a snap cap now. A small plastic part on one of my magazines broke. It was easy to replace. I still have the PIIK and I don't plan on ever selling it. Best. Watch-Six
Rabbit9  [Team Member]
8/17/2005 8:44:32 PM
SCHNOOK, you know that I just sold my SSG. I'm not a reloader either, so I know where you're coming from. It was at it's best with the 168grn loads. The best ammunition that I found was the Georgia Arms 168grn SMK reload. The Georgia Arms shot as good or better than the FGMM or the Black Hills loads in my rifle, and we won't even get into the difference in price.
SCHNOOK  [Member]
8/17/2005 9:31:27 PM
Let me know where to get the ammo.Just IM me .
Rabbit9  [Team Member]
8/17/2005 9:41:25 PM

Originally Posted By SCHNOOK:
Let me know where to get the ammo.Just IM me .

For all those in search of cheap / accurate ammunition.

The code is G308M.

Sold in 500 or 1000 rnd "value packs".
mach6  [Member]
8/18/2005 1:47:53 PM
I have had a P-II with double set trigger since 1988 and it has been my favorite rifle, hands down. Custom "McHale" stock and cryo'd. Will soon get the new Smith Enterprise, Inc ARSR-700 sound suppressor-capable Vortex flash suppressor. Over the years I've outstanding luck Federal 168 Match. I'll soon be testing some M118LR, although I'm not sure how that fodder will fare.
JD42  [Member]
8/24/2005 5:03:13 PM
Fed 168gr match h/p.
9/2/2005 2:54:49 AM
JP42 has obviousley shot a ssg because every one i know with one swears by that fedeal match, also black hills match ammo. they're pretty but you got to shoot them to find out best ammo. I have a 10-22 which shoots federal regular high velosity as good as eley or any other match ammo only found out when i forgot to take match ammo one day but wanted to kill some animal crackers at 100 meters.
JD42  [Member]
9/14/2005 5:02:28 PM
One more note on the SSG. I have had mine for several years. The only problem I have had is geting factory accsories. Such as mag etc. at a good price. I have herd that styer might get a new inporter. Guns south no longer inports there stuff. If I had only one gun though this is it. Very ruged and more acurate than me. Have fun
Rabbit9  [Team Member]
9/14/2005 5:21:53 PM
Dynamit-Nobel is the new importer of Steyr-Mannlicher products, to include the SSG. I would try contacting them first for any needed parts.