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 Stiff crossbolt safety
MadBodhi  [Team Member]
11/7/2011 10:15:36 AM EDT
Buddy brought me his sons Marlin 995.Safety stuck on fire.Not a smith but I dabble.Figured some foreign matter got in there.Diassembled,nothing in there.Spring looked good,ball bearing detent looked fine as did the safety itself.Safety moves freely between positions without detent and spring in place.Cleaned and reassembled,moves to fire position easily but takes a rap with screwdriver handle to move to safe.If I rotate the safety it is still very stiff but in can be engaged by hand.What could it be? It's a hand me down from the kids grandfather so you'd think the little ridge on the crossbolt that the detent rides over would be well worn in but it appears new.Ideas?
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