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 BPS parts interchangebility
river_rat  [Member]
10/27/2011 10:04:40 AM EDT
i picked up an '85 manufactured BPS at an auction last weekend. It has a couple issues that need addressed. The more important issue is that the trigger guard housing has a crack that runs through the hammer pin hole on one side. I have done some research and find that there were changes made to the BPS in or after '98. I have not been able to find a pre '98 housing. Brownell's has the new style in stock. My question is whether it is the as the old style. Everything I have seen points to it being useable since I have seen no difference in parts in the parts schematics that is show on the Browning site and others.

The second issue is I want to replace the magazine tube since someone has badly buggered the top of the tube under the cap. It doesn't seem to have damaged the threads as the cap threads just fine it just looks terrible. It looks like they have shoved the spring retainer down the tube to act as a plug as well. I may be able to turn a piece of steel and re-form the end of the tube but it has a small split. The split probably wouldn't become an issue but I would rather just fix the issue. I have seen mention of some kind of groove around the tube in front of the receiver and ones like that will not accept the new style. I see no groove of any kind except where the tube mates to the receiver under the cap inside the tube.

If someone could shed some light on these issues it would be greatly appreciated. Despite these issues the shotgun is worth fixing. The bore in it is virtually a mirror once I cleaned it. The wood needs a little touch up and the rest of the gun is in very good shape.
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river_rat  [Member]
11/4/2011 12:30:03 AM EDT
Wow! No answers in a week.

Well I ordered the new style trigger housing and it does fit so I would say the new style parts will fit at least as far back as an '85 manufacture. Now on to replacing the magazine tube.
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