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 Korean 30-06 M2 ball, P8 74 headstamp, lot 2-094
TripletDad  [Member]
3/16/2010 4:19:07 PM EDT
Does anybody know where to find out if these had corrosive primers or not? I bought a case or two from Wideners a few years back and hate cleaning a Garand after corrosive ammo. Just for grins, I pulled 20 rounds last night and weighed them up.

Powder: Min 46.2, Max 47.0, Mean 46.66, Std Dev 0.22. TM47 said there should have been 50 grains of 4895 in there. Assuming these met the velocity spec, that's why we work up with new lots of powder. To be fair, there were a few grains of powder stuck to the asphaltum in the case necks, so the spread might not have been that great. But there was no way I lost 3.0 grains.

Bullets: Min 150.0, Max 150.6, Mean 150.2, Std Dev 0.17. The bottom of the bullets looked great, I've seen a lot worse bullets from name brand manufacturers here in the States. If anybody wants a pic of the bases, I'll be glad to do so when they get out of the tumbler.

Cases: Min 196.2, Max 198.3, Mean 197.2, Std Dev 0.55. Again, a small part of that weight difference was powder stuck to the insides.

I have no idea what any of this means, but I had a good time doing it last night. The plan is to reload them with 44 grains of the same powder with a non-corrosive primer and go out re-sight one of my Garands that I just put the rear sight back on.
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GHPorter  [Team Member]
3/16/2010 5:23:55 PM EDT
Are you sure it's "P8" and not "PS"? There are two basic groups of Korean M2 Ball: PS headstamped ammo that is all noncorrosive, and KA headstamped ammo that is mostly if not all corrosive.
TripletDad  [Member]
3/16/2010 5:55:31 PM EDT
I'm sure it's a P8 on the head stamp. However, the box does say
Ball M2

Caliber .30
Lot PS-2-094

The 2-094 looks like it was rubber stamped, the rest is pre-printed.
brentwal  [Team Member]
3/16/2010 6:10:27 PM EDT

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