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 Reloading a 9mm Golden Saber JHP bullet with a "driving band"
FatChance  [Member]
10/7/2009 11:42:36 AM EDT
I have another thread about powder for use with 124gr Remington Golden Saber JHP for a 9mm pistol, but this is another topic about seating depth using a bullet with a stepped diameter (driving band) since I have never loaded a bullet with this design. The Golden Sabers have a groove diameter "driving band" base that then drops down to bore diameter. I have only loaded two dummy test rounds yet and have my seating die set to insert the bullet such that the top of the case is even with the top of the driving band, then use a taper crimp. This gives me a 1.131" COL. My dummy test load seems to chamber just fine in my H&K P7. With such a bullet, would you seat the bullet so the driving band is under (i.e. deeper than) the case mouth and crimp the case over the top of the driving band so it is almost like a roll crimp when using a cast bullet or seat it so the top of the driving band is even with the case mouth and just taper crimp it there? To get it to a COL similar to other 124gr JHP I've read about, I would have to seat the top of the driving band lower than the top of the case mouth and the case mouth would be crimped over the top of the driving band. But I don't think that is how these bullets should be loaded, right? Your responses are greatly appreciated!

Here is a picture from Remington's site:

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DirtyDrew  [Member]
10/7/2009 12:09:07 PM EDT
I would treat it like a semi-wad cuter. Leave just a tad of the driving band above the mouth of the case (like the thickness of a finger nail). See if it chambers.
SBR7_11  [Team Member]
10/7/2009 2:30:44 PM EDT
I've loaded a good sum of the 124gr Gold Sabers in 38 Super for IPSC Major Open class,,,, seat with drive band even with case mouth.

Used 147's for 9mm with suppressor, loaded in same manor, band even with case mouth.
FatChance  [Member]
10/7/2009 5:28:59 PM EDT
Originally Posted By SBR7_11:
I've loaded a good sum of the 124gr Gold Sabers in 38 Super for IPSC Major Open class,,,, seat with drive band even with case mouth..

That was my intuition. Unless someone tells me otherwise. I'll take that as a good confirmation of my intuition.
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gs1150  [Team Member]
10/7/2009 5:57:10 PM EDT
I've loaded about 3k of the 124's and shot 1k with the mouth of the case right at the driving band.
No problems in my 92fs.
FatChance  [Member]
10/7/2009 7:08:26 PM EDT
Thanks! It sounds like my intuition was right. I appreciate the confirmation!
NVGdude  [Member]
10/7/2009 8:41:36 PM EDT
Load it like a semi-wadcutter :a bit of the driving band showing, or load it like a factory GS :flush with the casemouth. Your choice.
rg1  [Member]
10/8/2009 12:49:48 AM EDT
I've measured several Golden Saber Remington factory loads. All have the forward edge of the driving band just inside the case mouth.
Factory lengths of the rounds I measured:
9MM 124 GS––overall length 1.120-1.125" lengths vary a little due to the irregular tip shape of the hollowpoint
45ACP 230 GS––––––––––––––––1.235"
40 SW 180 GS––––––––––––––––1.122"
40 SW 165 GS––––––––––––––––1.124" basically the same as the 180 GS
I think you'll find that at all these factory lengths that the driving band will be about .010" inside the case mouth depending on the length of the brass of course. Factory rounds appear to be taper crimped so that the diameter of the case is just slightly less than the diameter measured over the bullet driving band area of the case. I wouldn't taper crimp and reduce the diameter over one or two thousandths or just enough to remove the bell from the expanding die.
My Glock 9MM's and carbine rifle shoots the 124 GS extremely well with Unique powder. 4.9-5.1 grains works well but is not quite maximum with the 124 gr 9MM Golden Saber. I use CCI 500 primers and in various cases, mainly Winchester.
FatChance  [Member]
10/8/2009 8:49:50 AM EDT
Great information. Thanks!
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