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 How to make case lube
ScottyPotty  [Member]
4/2/2009 9:53:48 AM EDT
How do I make case lube?

I heard lansinoh and alcohol but what ratio do I need?
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fredshort  [Team Member]
4/2/2009 10:13:58 AM EDT
4 oz. lanolin oil available at the health store and 1 quart of good alcohol. not rubbing alcohol. it should be 95% or better.
spankybear  [Team Member]
4/2/2009 10:34:47 AM EDT
I read this and tried the lube they used. Seems to work well and is cheap!
Vex  [Member]
4/2/2009 12:44:02 PM EDT
I use 1 part RCBS case lube and 9 parts 99% alcohol, put it in a small sprayer bottle, shake.... 2 squirts in a gallot zip lock bag, add about 75 cases, mix well dump out on an old cookie sheet w/ wax paper and im good to go. Way quicker then the RCBS rolling pad thing.
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ma96782  [Member]
4/2/2009 12:58:37 PM EDT

Copied from

Case Sizing Lubricants
Spray Lube
The spray-on case lubes are probably the best thing to happen to reloading in years. You can make your own spray case sizing lube in bulk by mixing liquid lanolin and 99% isopropyl alcohol. (While you can (kind of) use 91% isopropyl alcohol, its higher water content causes the lanolin to settle out and it must be shaken frequently during use. The more common 70% isopropyl "rubbing alcohol" will not work at all as its water content is much to high.)
Liquid lanolin, which is a refined lanolin oil with the solid fats removed (the reason why solid anhydrous lanolin doesn't work well in this application) is available from health food stores and sources specializing in ingredients for cosmetics. You want to get pure liquid lanolin without additives. Online sources include VitaGlo ( and Select Oils (––Lanolin-Liquid––SO-LanolinLiquid.html).
I just recently discovered that my local Safeway store carries 99 percent isopropyl in their drug/cosmetic isle for $0.99 for a 16 ounce bottle. Ninety-nine percent isopropyl alcohol is also available from many large paint stores (used for some finishes), some electronics stores (it's used for cleaning electronics) or local industrial chemical suppliers.
A solution of 1 part liquid lanolin and 4 to 5 parts parts 99 percent isopropyl alcohol (4 oz of liquid lanolin to16 - 20 oz of isopropyl) works well. When mixing you may find that the lanolin mixes better if you warm both the alcohol and lanolin in a bath of warm water to about 105 - 110 degrees F before mixing. DO NOT WARM EITHER OF THEM OVER AN OPEN FLAME! Once the solutions are warm, pour together, mix thoroughly, allow the mix to cool (mix occasionally as it cools) and store in an air tight container to prevent water from being absorbed by the isopropyl.
For a spray bottle you can use an old commercial spray lube bottle or an old pump hair spray bottle that has been thoroughly cleaned. To apply the lube, spread the cases in a single layer on a clean surface like an oven tray (those disposable aluminum oven liner trays are great and prevent the wrath of your chef when it is discovered that the cookie trays were used) and lightly and evenly spray the cases. Allow the cases to sit for a couple of minutes, roll the cases around and lightly spray again. Wait until the alcohol has evaporated (about 5 minutes) and start sizing. Properly lubed cases will have a slightly greasy feel to them without feeling slimy.
Another neat idea for spraying the cases is to put them in a plastic bag, spray, and then mix the cases, dump out on some newspaper, and let dry. Less messy than putting the cases on an oven tray and less likely to get you in trouble with the head chef.
Thanks to Steve Dzupin for this tip.
One of the advantages of using sprayed on lanolin as a case lube is that, in the quantities used, any residual lube has no effect on powder or primers.
Solid "Wipe On" Lubes
You can also use plain anhydrous lanolin straight from the can (but not as conveniently) for sizing by putting a little bit on your fingers (just lightly rub your fingers across the lanolin) and then rubbing the cases. "Mink Oil," a refined lanolin leather preservative also works well as a case lube.
Many large drug stores have bulk anhydrous lanolin or they will order it for you, or you can order in it 4, 8, or 16 ounce containers, from Majestic Mountain Sage, 881 West 700 North Ste 107, Logan, Utah 84321, Phone: 435-755-0863, or online at:, and from Select Oils at––Lanolin––SO-Lanolin.html.
Many people have reported that they have used a little bit of STP oil treatment on their fingers or commercial water based silicone cable pulling lube as a sizing lube.
If you are still using pads to roll your cases on for resizing you can simply use regular undyed dishwashing liquid. Reports are that it works as well as some commercial liquid case lubes. Simply put a very small amount on your pad and rub it in with your fingers. Roll your cases across the pad and resize.
Thanks to Denis Allen for this soap tip.


DO NOT TRY ethyl alcohol (or denatured alcohol or everclear), the lanolin will not dissolve. I wasted $16 worth of lanolin and $20 worth of alcohol trying to get it to work. IT WON'T

SigOwner_P229 (

One thing about using 99 pc is that if you go too thin,, you can spray twice as much and it will evaporate fast.


It has to be liquid lanolin,, too much wax and fat in the anhydrous to dissolve.


Liquid lanolin doesn't have any water in it,, it's not water soluble.
It takes more than alcohol to dissolve the wax/fat in the anhydrous.


I got a bottle if liquid lanolin at Whole Foods not long back, and without heating the alcohol mixed with the lanolin just by pouring it in and giving a couple of shakes.
After spraying the cases,,they dry in about 60 seconds or less. I don't think there's water in mine.

We-rBorg (

***We-rBorg’s notes/post is consistent with the formula found in


Correct, most often anhydrous lanolin is found in the solid form, and most liquid lanolins are hydrous; they have the waxy crystals removed and have water added (possibly with an emulsifier to keep the water in solution) but there are a few suppliers of anhydrous, liquid lanolin. It is where they remove the waxy crystals, but do not add the water. It is in my opinion that this lanolin is better because it should go into solution easier (if you use the right alcohol) and there is no water so it should dry rapidly on the case and there is no chance that it will contain water which will reduce the lubricating properties.

Sig Owner_P229 (


Aloha, Mark
ScottyPotty  [Member]
4/2/2009 3:21:31 PM EDT
Has anyone tried it? How did it work?
We-rBorg  [Member]
4/2/2009 10:15:06 PM EDT
I've been using it for about 2 years,, I will not use any other now. When sizing with it, the case runs so smooth into the die you may think you've already sized it.
ScottyPotty  [Member]
4/3/2009 2:56:23 AM EDT
Originally Posted By We-rBorg:
I've been using it for about 2 years,, I will not use any other now. When sizing with it, the case runs so smooth into the die you may think you've already sized it.

Do you use 99% isopropyl alcohol? If so where do you get it? Also where do you get your Liquid Lanolin? Ive looked several places and I dont really want to buy it online. - thanks.
Starrbow  [Member]
4/3/2009 3:56:22 AM EDT

You may find a hard time finding it in stores, sometimes GNC carries it.
jimr  [Member]
4/3/2009 4:46:58 AM EDT
i'v used straight( saddle soap) ,cases run real smooth through the sizer die. jim
dusten  [Team Member]
4/3/2009 4:47:05 AM EDT
I know how much people like going to wal mart, but if you call your local store they will order 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for you and even call you once it arrives (it took a whole two days for them to get here).
We-rBorg  [Member]
4/3/2009 9:13:01 AM EDT
Any Pharmacy will order the 99%, as for the lanolin, I picked first up at Whole Foods, but now I get it on line.
hdbiker1  [Member]
4/3/2009 12:31:13 PM EDT
I just sized 1k of LC with 16oz of 99% alcohol and 2oz of lansinoh. Both of these were bought at Safeway. Mixed in a 27oz febreze squirt bottle. The level in the bottle dropped about .25" and I may have used just alittle too much. No stuck cases. Make sure to shake the bottle because if left to sit too long you will see some lanolin fall out of suspension.
ScottyPotty  [Member]
4/3/2009 10:12:56 PM EDT
I looked up hospital equipment/supplies in the phone book and found a local pharmacy that had both the 99% alcohol and the liquid lanolin in stock - for a grand total of $9.46

Now I j just have to mix up a batch.
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