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 Is H4895 a good choice for an AR15?
JerryinPA  [Member]
2/12/2009 4:18:05 PM EDT
I want to load mostly 55 grain FMJ bullets... the barrel on my AR15 is a 16" with a 1:9 twist.

Is H4895 a good choice?

I've read the Hodgdon marketing that it is an "Extreme" powder that won't change much between Summer heat and Winter cold shooting...

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge,

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rn22723  [Team Member]
2/12/2009 4:20:50 PM EDT
It would be a good powder for the medium wt bullets per your post.
fenderfreek  [Team Member]
2/12/2009 5:40:27 PM EDT
It works fairly well, but I personally have had better results using h335 with that combination. It's a bit slower than optimal for that bbl length and projectile weight, so the burn is going to be incomplete unless you load it to relatively high pressures. A ball power would also meter better.
esquared  [Member]
2/12/2009 5:48:59 PM EDT
Other than metering that is off a little it is good . It varies by a few tenths from round to round due to the length of the grains . Just loaded up a bunch of 62 grain Ap bullets that grouped under a inch at 100 with H4895 . I use BL-C2 for most of my .223 as it meters better but 4895 will work .
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dryflash3  [Team Member]
2/12/2009 5:50:15 PM EDT
Yes its a good choice performance wise.

Not so much for progressive loading.

Single stage, ok as long as you are not in a hurry.

Many will drop a charge a little light, and trickle the charge to the desired weight.

It is not as easy to meter as a ball powder.
RedFalconBill  [Team Member]
2/12/2009 6:09:41 PM EDT
H4895 is a good powder to have for lots of rounds, including the .223. I use it for my heavy bullets (65gr +), mostly.

If you wanted blastin' ammo, look at H335 or TAC.
FriscoPete  [Member]
2/12/2009 6:17:08 PM EDT
It is a very good choice - but not a GREAT choice, if you catch my drift. The posts above list the main reasons.
Easy_E  [Team Member]
2/12/2009 6:57:11 PM EDT
Another vote for h335 and your combination .
bartonmd  [Member]
2/13/2009 6:05:08 AM EDT
Originally Posted By esquared:
Other than metering that is off a little it is good . It varies by a few tenths from round to round due to the length of the grains

I was concerned about this, but in my UniFlow powder measure with the baffle in it (and my dad's Lyman), I'm well within 0.1g round-to-round with 4895, though you do sometimes have to "cut" the powder with the measure...

335 is a much easier powder to throw, and works fine with lighter bullets you're talking about...

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