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 Anyone have the 25 cent shotgun shell reloader dimensions from backwoodsman?
bsafe  [Team Member]
1/30/2009 4:47:31 PM EDT
In Nov 08 Backwoodsman magazine had a stort on reloading .410 shells using a wooden block with holes drilled in it. Does anyone have the dimensions of the holes, block and pins. Thank you, bsafe.
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AeroE  [Moderator]
1/30/2009 6:03:26 PM EDT
Check your local library as they might subscribe. You can also buy a back issue from the magazine.

Sounds like a good article. Occasionally I flip through a copy, but I've never bought one.

I've considered putting a kit together to do more or less the same thing for reloading 12 gauge shells. If the base does not need to be resized, the only hard part is dealing with the crimp. A 6 or 8 point folded crimp can be worked down two steps with a tapered hole (or your fingers) and then a cylindrical hole in the block. A roll crimp tool is simple to design, but harder to make. Another option is to add the over shot wad and glue it down with candle wax.
fixit  [Member]
1/30/2009 7:46:04 PM EDT
I don't want to say 410 specifically, but the old lee handloaders for shotguns show up on ebay pretty regularly. I think mine for 12 gauge was about 5.00 new back in the 60's.
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