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 Accurate 2230 load for .223/5.56?
RLeeMays  [Member]
1/5/2009 6:05:41 PM EDT
Hello All!

Getting ready to start reloading for my DPMS 16" carbine and wanting to know where to start with the powder charge. I'm using LC brass, winchester primers, 55 FMJ bullets and Accurate 2230 powder. What is a good starting point for the charge? What is good charge for target and plinking? Thanks for your help!!

Good Shooting!
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AssaultRifler  [Team Member]
1/5/2009 6:13:09 PM EDT
Here's a reply I sent a couple days ago on the same topic re: AA2230 to an IM:


Per this link starting load is 22.5 and max is 25.0.

I suggest making 10 rounds each of 22.5, 23.0, 23.5, 24.0, 24.5, 24.9 grains and shooting them in order for function and accuracy, then load the best load in bulk after test firing.

This is good basic reloading practice which you should learn. It can save your butt if you just pick a load at random and make massive quantities, then find out it's too hot and you have to pull all the rounds. Do the homework

Even though max is listed at 25.0 grains your scale is accurate to +/- .1 grains, hence your 24.9 grain load might really be 25.0

Don't get enamored with pushing bullets to the max, it's harder on the rifle and the brass, but if you wanted to and you worked up your loads from min to max then you'll be safe loading up max or near max loads.

I have a section on Working Up Loads at

All that being said, I usually settle on 23.5 to 24.0 grains


I then followed up with:

To add, if someone gives you their favorite load, like I just did, use it to confirm your findings, not to use as is. Powder, primers have lot variations, etc. Just some advice and it's free

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