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 OTM bullets?
autumnsong  [Member]
7/26/2008 1:00:46 PM EDT
I searched and couldn't find anything.

What is a OTM bullet exactly and where can I buy them? I know it means Open Tip Match but does that mean it is a hollow point? I looked at the Hornady and Sierra websites and could not find a listing that has a .224 diameter 69-77 grain bullet that is listed as OTM......, just BTHP or ballistic tip or V-max or whatever.

Are these the same thing? I would like to try reloading some of the better performing heavier OTM bullets and try them out on my 16" 1 in 7 and my 10.5" 1 in 9 to see what shoots best in both rifles.
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TimpAR  [Member]
7/26/2008 1:23:35 PM EDT
Yes, OTM is the same as match grade hollow point. My rifle (24" 1-7 White Oak) likes Sierra MatchKings (SMKs) and Noslers in 69 and 77 grains.

Try pushing them with a powder on the slower end of the spectrum, like Varget, RE15, or IMR4320. My rifle loves them.
AeroE  [Moderator]
7/26/2008 4:18:13 PM EDT
"OTM" is pretty much tacticool. If you talk the language of reloading, these bullets will be BTHP's in every instance I know, altough it's possible someone calls a flat base match bullet "OTM", too.

They are indeed hollow point as a consequence of the manufacturing process where a lead core is swaged into a copper jacket followed by "pointing up" the jacket into a open meplate. The lead core is deep in the jacket and a surprising length near the tip does not have lead as found in a hunting bullet.

ma96782  [Team Member]
7/26/2008 4:52:05 PM EDT
OTM is politically correct speak for "Boat Tail Hollow Point."

The "Hollow Point" word.......throws LIBERALS into shock mode. They start thinking (dangerous) that maybe the US Military is using "Dum Dum" bullets. They think that the US Military should be above shooting enemy combatants with bullets that can cause so much bodily injury or even DEATH. THE word to use in mixed company.

You should try it.

Can you imagine the good karma that you'll get.

And, the LIBERALs could all sleep better at night.

Thanks to YOU.

Kumbaya Lord.....Kumbaya.....


Aloha, Mark
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dryflash3  [Team Member]
7/27/2008 4:48:22 AM EDT
The Hornaday 68 gr HPBT is a great OTM.

It is intended for the 1 in 9 twist rifles that will not stabilize the 75-77 grainers.

In 223, I load them in LC or Win. brass, OAL 2.250, no crimp.

Varget is used by most people, other powders will work also.

I am getting 10 shot groups just under an inch. 100 yds bench rest, 3x9 scope.
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