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 How to use a Dillon Case Gage
strat81  [Team Member]
5/5/2008 9:59:18 AM EST
I ordered some Dillon Case Gages in .223, 9mm, and .45 ACP. They didn't come with instructions.

How the heck do I use these things? I understand you put a cartridge in them. I'm not that dense.

For example, the .223 gage (the only one I opened so far) has two ridges or cutouts on it, on by the neck/mouth, the other by the head/base. What are they for? I'm going to guess the ridge by the mouth is for max/min case length while the one by the case head is for max/min headspace. Well?

I purchased the gages because I had some issues with some .223 that I over-crimped and crushed/bulged the shoulder. They jammed up my Stag-15 very tightly. I have since found the cause of the bulging and fixed it.

Thanks in advance, gents!
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Colt_45  [Team Member]
5/5/2008 10:28:12 AM EST
AssaultRifler  [Team Member]
5/5/2008 10:49:10 AM EST
strat81  [Team Member]
5/5/2008 12:45:34 PM EST
Awesome, thanks guys.