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 SD barrel shroud?
vit15  [Member]
2/27/2008 8:08:57 PM
Anybody got any idea if one of these SD shrouds would work on GSG?

Zhukov  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 8:30:11 PM
2/27/2008 8:52:06 PM
SD mod =
vit15  [Member]
2/27/2008 9:00:25 PM
The price isn't too bad, but I would like to know a bit more about these.
Zhukov  [Team Member]
2/27/2008 9:21:52 PM

Originally Posted By USCSOLDIER:
SD mod =

Actually, I find it quite appealing as well. Pretend MP5SD for an extra $40.
2/27/2008 10:22:29 PM

Originally Posted By Zhukov:

Originally Posted By USCSOLDIER:
SD mod =

Actually, I find it quite appealing as well. Pretend MP5SD for an extra $40.

I edited my post I meant
CFII  [Industry Partner]
2/27/2008 11:02:22 PM
Hmm....this might have potential.
Beers78n9  [Member]
2/27/2008 11:40:37 PM
I beleive GSG is planning on making as SD version
vit15  [Member]
3/3/2008 7:16:36 PM
Does anybody have any idea how these attach?
EchoAngel17  [Team Member]
3/3/2008 8:24:41 PM

Originally Posted By vit15:
Does anybody have any idea how these attach?

I have seen two of these. They attached with a set screw through one of the ribs in the cover one top and one bottom. The end facing the receiver was notched like the RIS handguards and fit into the slots there. I would imagine that it would need "modification" like the RIS needed to fit.
It is cool looking!

Plastic is not in hand but it has potential......darn, the plan to leave one alone and SBR one is fading fast.....
opti12206  [Team Member]
3/3/2008 9:46:50 PM
That is pretty cool looking.
franky4fun  [Member]
3/5/2008 7:24:59 AM
Had email contact with GSG in Germany some weeks ago.
Here a quote:

From: m.swoboda at

we are working on the SD version, too. but at the moment we are full of orders. so you have to wait a little bit for the SD version.

best regards,

EchoAngel17  [Team Member]
3/5/2008 9:31:39 AM

I looked into them a little more. The design that I found attached two ways.
The barrel shroud attached to the barrel with a set screw. This was hidden by the SD cover. The cover fit into the slots on the receiver and had two "press fit" tabs, one on each side at the upper edge near the cocking tube, that pushed through the ribbed cover and were friction-locked into the space between the barrel and the cocking tube.
I do not have this one but this is what I have found on the good old WWW.

I do have a SW5A (in the Pink Carpet pics that everyone loves) that has a barrel shroud that affixes in this same way. I had hoped it was a three lug with a pinned suppressor but it is a full barrel with the set screw fake suppressor. I would thing this is the same deal just dressed up to mock the SD series.


Edit to add pics....

This is a sold out kit from CobraAirsoft but it shows the parts and ideas well....
The ring is sandwiched between the collar and that screws into the suppressor. The barrel slides inside the suppressor. The suppressor shroud is supported on the end by the barrel and the collar on the other. The set screw holds it in place on the barrel.
The ring is used to support the leading edge of the cover on one end, the receiver slots hold the other. The tabs lock in on the top edge and there you have it.... a suppressor-collar-set screw sandwich to support the suppressor, mounting ring and collar add a cover and you get one cool looking, unaltered and full 16" barrel.

I hope this helps