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 Opinions on the Ferret50
spin-drift  [Member]
10/7/2011 4:49:04 PM EDT
Looks like an interesting rifle. The website has a lot of info and says a lot of the right things IMHO. But I have found it best never to listen solely to the person trying to sell you something. So for those that have experience w/ this rifle please post it. How is the accuracy (they advertise .2MOA w/ the super match barrel)? Is the trigger like a glass rod w/ approx 1lb. break like advertised? What about the build quality? I tried doing a search in this forum but I am limited to 30 days and did not get any results. TIA.
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competitor  [Member]
10/7/2011 8:12:48 PM EDT
I have seen a lot of them in 1000 yard matches and if you do your part the rifle can win matches. They will shoot with the best of them.
I shot in a 1000 yard match with a State Arms rifle and won 6 first place and 2 second place awards and the guy that got the 2 first place where I got 2nd place was shooting a Ferret 50. They shoot real well and Dave is a great guy to do buisiness with, he stands behind his rifles.

RogueSpear2023  [Member]
10/7/2011 8:34:34 PM EDT
I don't have any personal experience with them, but from everything I have seen or heard it has been noting but good things. Of the uppers to buy they are one of the best if not the best, I was looking at one for a while when I contemplated selling my AR-50. Are you looking for a fun rifle or rifle for long range competition or both? If you are looking for fun I would not recommend a super match barrel. I would only recommend a match or super match for some one that is serious about shooting long range, and only plans on their own hand loads, if you are shooting for fun or getting into the sport I would look at a standard barrel IMO.
Recoil737  [Team Member]
10/7/2011 11:22:15 PM EDT
I have bought and sold multiple 50s now I just have two one is for fun the M82A1 the other is the Ferret. It shoots great, isn't incredibly heavy, bolt is easy to operate (this is the true sign of a good rifle no mallet needed). The brake is very effective and just turns the recoil into a large push. Here is a video of my 80 pound nephew shooting it and almost hitting the target 800 yards away.

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Max-Paul  [Team Member]
10/8/2011 3:09:00 PM EDT
I have had my super match with 36" barrel for about 4 yrs now. I almost bought a BOHICA. Thank God that Chris and his two more weeks. Finally got tired of it and turn my attention to looking for another maker. Talked to Dave and I got a good feeling about him and his product. I was told that there will be a delay while he ordered some more barrels. Got a call a week later and turns out that he did have a barrel on his shelf and could have it out to me sooner. I have called him after the sale about a few concerns and he has always had time to talk to me. BTW one of those concerns was about the firing pin and how it worked. There had been an OOBD, aka KABOOM. Turns out that the firing pin is cammed back when the bolt is lifted and it will not protrude past the bolt face till the last few degrees of the bolt handle being lowered. Which means that a hammer fall can not cause the firing pin to set off the primer while out of battery or bolt lock-up. Dave also offers up the chamber in several different sizes. I got the tight chamber, so I have to turn the necks of my brass. But he also offers up a chamber that allows you to shoot everyday commercial ammo also. And if you know what you are doing. You can use I think it is a strap wrench to turn off the fore stock and then screw off the barrel. Oh and the muzzle brake is hand tightened. With a long 36" barrel I had to buy a Pelican 1750 case. And yet the brake had to come off to fit in the case. And with this being an upper for the AR-15 lower. I was able to take a 20 rnd magazine and remove the guts and fill with lead. Also the stock I am using is an A2. So I make a lead insert for the tool box and these two give me another 5 lbs of weight that helps tame the recoil. IF I had to describe the recoil. I would say that it feels like what it would be like to shoot a 12 ga shoot gun from a sitting down position at a bench.

Considering my shooting abilities. And using AMax 750 gr bullet with 218gr of H50BMG powder. I am real happy shooting out to 600 yrds. Use cheap bullets and pulled powder, expect 6 or more MOA. But with good bullets and powder, 1MOA or better is possible.

I assure you, you will not be sorry getting a Ferret 50.
ObsoleteMan  [Team Member]
10/9/2011 3:01:50 PM EDT
Thread needs more pics.

spin-drift  [Member]
10/9/2011 3:21:00 PM EDT
Originally Posted By ObsoleteMan:
Thread needs more pics.

Is that the 18"? Looks sweet. Have you shot it yet? What kind of groups are you getting? (ETA: That looks like the pic on the site. Is that yours?)

On a side note, I got the oppertunity to shoot an AR-50L this afternoon. It was a lot of fun to shoot w/ a push type recoil that was very managable (kind of surprised me how little felt recoil there was). The accuracy seemed descent too. But since we were only shooting an 18"x12" (approx) steel plate at 380 yds it was hard to tell. There was a lot of people wanting to shoot so I only took 2 shots, but dinged the steel on both. Sorry no pics. I grew up in the pre "broadcast yourself" era.
Max-Paul  [Team Member]
10/10/2011 2:18:04 PM EDT

I bet you that is the 24" barrel. Now he has one sweet stock on his.

edited cause second look after posting and I realized that this rifle does not have Dave's stock on it. If I had the money I should have gotten Dave's lower. It has a mono pod built into the heal of the stock that helps steady the riles elevation.
shibumiseeker  [Member]
10/16/2011 3:14:46 PM EDT
I wanted a left hand bolt,50, this was going to be my fifth .50bmg rifle, called Dave, ordered the upper, had it in 3 weeks and that was over christmas... Since then I had one occasion to call him and he spent the time on the phone to answer my questions and didn;t make me feel like I was bothering him. I'd buy again from him in a heartbeat.

I can't say I love it more than any other .50 I've owned because I love it so much that it is a left hand version, but it's accurate, the bolt is very smooth, and the fit and finish is top notch.
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