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 New to the 50 bmg
Gjfmrf  [Member]
6/7/2011 5:44:01 PM
Hey guys im a new member to this forum but have been hanging around the reloading thread mainly. Im in the process of purchasing an older used m82a1 (one of the rifles with the raised up rails). Any tips you have to give when purchasing such an expensive rifle and anything i should be looking for besides the normal things?

Thanks guys and cant wait to shoot it.
Snot-Rocket  [Member]
6/8/2011 1:09:34 AM
I can't tell you anything about the rifle, but welcome to the fun! Let us know how it shoots, posting photos is a big plus.
nmmi9100  [Team Member]
6/8/2011 2:29:03 AM
If it's advertised as an ex-military gun, run for the woods. They're worn out. So long as it doesn't show much wear, it probably isn't military or LE and will be fine. Some of the Marine Corps M82s found their way into the surplus market and are worn out. Should be pretty easy to spot, unless the guy has reparked them.

If there isn't a big discount, I'd just go for a new one.

Edgewood, NM
Gjfmrf  [Member]
6/8/2011 12:07:03 PM
Alright thanks for the help. I was looking at an Israel IDF m82a1 but the guy said he put new barrels on them. Its about $1000 cheaper than buying a new one. Is that a fair price or should i just save for a new one?

TeamFerret  [Member]
6/8/2011 12:31:33 PM
Well, would you buy a used car only to save 10% of the cost of a new car?

NAM  [Team Member]
6/8/2011 12:40:42 PM
Originally Posted By TeamFerret:
Well, would you buy a used car only to save 10% of the cost of a new car?


depends. Drive it off the lot and the price drops, yet it's no worse for wear.

But I also understand what you're saying. And I love my Ferret .50
Trapshooterx  [Team Member]
6/9/2011 12:00:45 PM
I bought my Barrett here They are great to deal with and have the best prices. I would save a bit longer and buy new. I am also a big fan of the BORS unit. I have one mounted to to a Nightforce and am very happy with it.
Gjfmrf  [Member]
6/9/2011 4:08:10 PM
Thanks for all the responses. I'm actually headed there this weekend to check out the open house.