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 Prince 50 Barrett 99 Monopod Review
ar15inmn  [Team Member]
10/31/2005 3:27:06 PM EDT
Prince 50 Barrett 99 Beta Monopod

The item arrived well packed with the following parts.

First step is to remove the butt pad.

Next you need to drill a small pilot hole in the center of the existing lower hole.

Hole as drilled from the front.

Next you remove the Torx screws from the end of the rifle #30 Torx bit seems to work.

Next you install the end plate.

Install 6-32 screw in front

Side view of block installed

Butt Pad installed

Thumbwheel wheel installed, project complete!

You must remove the butt pad in order for the rifle to fit in the Barrett factory case, I usually do this because I store the rifle in a safe and I don’t like the weight of the rifle sitting on the pad during storage.

Summary of the Beta version:
This is a must have accessory. You will need to have a Torx bit to remove the screws from the butt plate, I used a #30. I have shortened the screw that was supplied to 1 1/8” and eliminated the washer that was supplied, as that is what looks better to me. I have also added a jam nut to the thumbwheel on the elevation rod to better secure the wheel into position. Keep in mind this was the first beta and Darin will make changes where needed.

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FlameRed  [Member]
11/4/2005 9:38:42 AM EDT
Yep, Darin's stuff is first class!
ar15inmn  [Team Member]
11/4/2005 3:01:57 PM EDT
Here is a three shot group at 200 yards with the Prince 50 monopod.

jjmcrowell  [Team Member]
11/5/2005 2:00:12 PM EDT

That is very cool...

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ar15inmn  [Team Member]
11/5/2005 2:07:41 PM EDT

Originally Posted By jjmcrowell:

That is very cool...


Darin is getting $175 including shipping. He is waiting on a PO from Barrett. Once he gets a PO you will need to get them from Barrett.

Drop me an email and I will forward Darins email to anyone that is interested.
Paradude54  [Team Member]
11/19/2005 11:13:49 AM EDT
Did that modification increase the length of pull any?
ar15inmn  [Team Member]
11/19/2005 11:31:31 AM EDT
It adds one inch to the length.
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