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 Brown Bear ammo compatibility
paigecm1  [Member]
9/3/2011 8:02:12 AM EDT
Ok. I used to shoot this stuff in a std. bushmaster with no prob. Right now I am waiting on paperwork for a 10.5 sbr and a M4-2000. My question is would you have any reservations about shooting this combo? The barrel is a 1 in 8 Douglass.
Maybe after I get the rifle wich will be before the suppressor. I should just check for accuracy and keyholing.
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damcv62  [Life Member]
9/3/2011 8:07:49 AM EDT
I'd shoot it. I've put alot of the bear options down range with my SBR's and RR M16's, haven't had an issue to date. I like bear for my steel cased, seems to be loaded to a little higher pressure, and like I said, I've never had it not go bang for me.
Circuits  [Team Member]
9/3/2011 10:51:20 AM EDT
Ive shot close to 30k of the bears in the past ten years down every AR and 16 and FNC and Daewoo and SIG I own with no problems at all.
AN94NK  [Team Member]
9/5/2011 12:31:00 PM EDT
I love it but the only issues I had, is that my Double Star SBR didnt like to feed it at first. Had to file in some M4 feed ramps.
She's all better now
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dorsum  [Team Member]
9/5/2011 3:12:58 PM EDT
I have the same setup, 10.5 sbr and M4-2000. Have probably 750 rounds shot to date with about 250 being brown bear. While I did have a few problems at first (bad mags) have had no issues with any ammo.
Fredmisery  [Member]
9/5/2011 3:22:40 PM EDT
I've shot bear through my 7.5" Adams Arms upper with a M4-2000 and never had any issues. It's great plinking ammo, haven't ever had any baffle strikes or keyholing with it, so I'd assume you'll be fine running it in your setup. (and yes I know AAC doesn't warranty my setup, but I run it anyway). Bear is great stuff IMHO, I buy it in bulk more than any other brand
gunz213  [Team Member]
9/8/2011 11:52:51 AM EDT
I've used it with out any problems in my M-16 and I've ran quite a few rounds of Brown Bear 9mm through my MP5 with good results.

I like cheap ammo as I can afford to shoot more
Dreadedboost  [Member]
9/9/2011 9:03:04 AM EDT
The "bears" and wpa are gtg, even with h3 buffers they cycle perfect in my 11.5, 12.5 and 20 inch uppers all with or without suppressor on.
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