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 WTK - HK Sear or Registered pack..... Which to get and why?
SnprPSG1  [Member]
6/13/2011 6:42:07 AM EDT
HK Sear or Registered pack..... Which to get and why?

There is about a 2K to 2.5K difference between the sear and reg pack that I am looking at. Just want the Pro's and Con's of them.

On two other sites and I will not mention where or their name but this person is being a Pushy Salesman for the registered pack and conviently his friend has several of them and is selling them and for 1.5K more than what I can get one for. So please, no sales pitches for a friend, just honest opinions would be appreciated.

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gunz213  [Team Member]
6/13/2011 7:25:14 AM EDT
I don't think you can go wrong with either but you have to decide if you are happy with a SEF pack or if having a Navy or Burst is important. I know a registered pack can be converted to Navy configuration but I know I wouldn't be comfortable with the amount of cutting and welding that would be required to convert it to a burst pack.
I think the main advantage of a registered pack is that you can use all factory HK parts and you shouldn't have to worry about timing the pack with rewelded hammers.

The registered housing might be more durable but I haven't heard about any sears breaking with normal use (only talking about Fleming, S&H and Qualified, not the ceiner oddball sear and trip).

I bought a Fleming sear as it was cheaper than a registered pack at the time and the extra $2500 will go a long ways toward another host or more ammo.

Hopefully the ATF will hurry up with the form 4 and the HK can come home and keep my M-16 company.
SnprPSG1  [Member]
6/13/2011 8:01:35 AM EDT
I am not worried about a burst pack, SEF will do me just fine and besides good trigger control can do the same thing..........

Hope yours gets to come home soon !

gunz213  [Team Member]
6/13/2011 8:19:14 AM EDT
The burst wasn't a big deal to me but I stumbled on a burst pack for a really good price so I picked it up. I hate the M-16 burst fire control but maybe the HK will be better. I've been pending since April so it shouldn't be too much longer.

The gentleman you mentioned in your original post seems to be pushing the registered housings pretty hard and that does annoy me when folks ask questions and it turns into a WTS board. Good luck with your decision.
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scottMO  [Team Member]
6/13/2011 5:15:44 PM EDT
I know the site and I know (of) the user name that has the friend. To me, 15k is to much for a pack and Im just not seeing the advantage of the pack over a sear, especially for 2.5k - 3k more.. 3k is 15-17 cases of 9mm...

your mileage may vary..
Michael  [Life Member]
6/14/2011 5:21:17 AM EDT
I own a DLO registered trigger housing. If you have the extra cash to spend, I would definitely recommend getting one of the DLO packs over a registered sear. The ability to use factory parts is more important to me than the ability to use burst fire.
Clicker58  [Member]
6/14/2011 3:36:52 PM EDT
In a few short years any price difference will not matter so do what you think is best for your needs. I own a LaFrance registered pack and it has some non-factory parts, I'm OK with that as I can still replace anything within the pack. Don't kid yourself certain parts will show wear if you shoot them enough.

I have no need for burst or ambi set ups but I have a close friend who is a lefty and with young kids so his needs are somewhat different than mine. He is a sear owner and in the end an ambi burst FCG may serve him better.

One thing that might sway ones decision centers around all the semi host 21/23 style guns coming into the market. You must notch the trigger pack for clearance of the ejector lever on these beltfeds and cutting on a registered pack may bother some folks. Cutting the material off a pack set up for a sear is no big deal since you can replace it if the mood strikes.
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