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 Surefire MB556AR torque
pavil58ar  [Team Member]
8/27/2011 12:49:44 PM EDT
Is it absolutely required to torque it down to between 20 and 30 foot-pounds? No matter what combination of shims I tried I could not get it to time quite right at the required torque. I was hoping that with the threadlocker and torque close to 20 it would be OK.

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ChrisNCT  [Team Member]
8/27/2011 1:07:59 PM EDT
I had the same problem when I installed mine.

Instead of ripping the threads off my barrel, I went to the light side of the 20. I have had it on for 1 1/2 years with can after beta dumps and still have no problems.
Kudu22  [Member]
8/31/2011 12:24:54 PM EDT
I would rather you have it on the lower end but as close to 20 ft/lbs and Rocksett it than go well over 30 ft/lbs. You can cause accuracy issues with any FH or adapter by constricting the bore when you over torque.

Garin Lee
SureFire Suppressor Division
pavil58ar  [Team Member]
8/31/2011 2:28:45 PM EDT
I ended up getting it somewhere between 15 and 20 ft-lbs and applied the Rockset too.

Thanks for the replies.

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