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 Gemtech Outback IID and AAC Pilot 2 info wanted (not a versus thread)
Mblades  [Member]
6/29/2011 10:40:51 PM EDT
I'm looking to get my first can and currently have a Walther P22 and will soon be adding a Savage MkII FV-SR as hosts. Sound reduction is my main desire, I'm not too concerned about weight (within reason), and user serviceable is also something I'd like to have but it's not a must have. I want to stay as close to $500 as I can for everything tax stamp inc. so some of the pricer options are out for me (specter, sparrow, prodigy, etc) but want to take a steep up from the YHM Mite or Tac-65 (although the Tac is still on the list of possibilities).

I've found a ton of info and opinions on the Gemtech Outback II and the AAC Pilot. However, I haven't seen much on the Outback IID or Pilot 2. Most of the reviews I see on the Outback and Pilot bemoan the fact they aren't user serviceable. I know the new models address these issues but I don't know if that comes at the expense of db reduction? I've read that sealed cans are quieter than a "take apart" can with all else being equal. I don't know if this is true but if so how much louder are the new models going to be over the originals? Based on the reviews I've read and videos I've seen I feel like I would be happy with either the Outback II or Pilot but like the idea of being able to disassemble and clean. If the Outback IID and Pilot 2 are the same in every other way I think I've found what I want.

Thanks for any help you have.
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The_Accuser  [Team Member]
6/30/2011 2:51:43 AM EDT
I just had Gemtech convert my Outback II to the IID config so I can take it apart to clean. I have only used it once since the conversion but it seemed to perform just like before. I could not tell whether it was louder or not but everyone's hearing is different. Definitely go for a serviceable can as they get freakin' dirty.
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