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 peel & crush washers
Thug_Hunter12  [Member]
1/21/2007 6:16:40 PM EST
For many years, I simply used the weapons that were issued to me. I didn't care about details as my part was to simply shoot them. Now that I actually own an AR15, life is more complicated. What is the difference between a crush washer and peel washer? How can I tell what is on mine? I have a mid-length RRA CAR-A4.

Thanks, I have already learned a lot from you guys.
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JPratt06  [Team Member]
1/21/2007 7:04:01 PM EST
You probably have a crush washer. Crush washers are washers that "crush" to allow proper timing of the a2 flash hider (and other models that have a closed bottom). Peel washers don't crush---but you may "peel" away layers to properly time a fh if necessary. Peel washers are usually used w/ a1 flash hiders. In the case of nato-spec fh-compatible suppressors (ex Gemtech Halo and AAC Omni) a PEEL washer MUST be used as a crush washer crushes unevenly and will cause misallignment of the suppressor.
DMiller  [Member]
1/21/2007 7:41:59 PM EST
The older commercial models and the military contract models have had a peel washer. Most quality manufactured models use a crush washer. (Some low end guns are even made using a simple lock washer)

I had to replace the washer on my SBR to place my suppressor on the flash hider. The peel washer has the ability to have very small layers of the metal washer removed to vary the exact height of the washer. It is also reusable.

A crush washer is a single use washer which the opperator on the assembly line place pressure on the washer as the flash hider is applied. The pressure from the flash hider compresses the washer which allows for an easier timing of the suppressor. (Alignment of the ports on the flash hider)

Hope this helps.
Thug_Hunter12  [Member]
1/23/2007 7:33:44 PM EST
Both posts help. I now know I have a crush washer. By chance, do either of you have a Halo or Omni? If so, what do you think of them?

JPratt06  [Team Member]
1/23/2007 7:47:35 PM EST
I don't own any suppressors yet, but my suggestion is to go with either the YHM qd model or the aac M4-1000. Less expensive than either of your considerations and their qd systems are well-designed and not confined to the limitations inherent in a1/a2 flash hiders (the qd mount is a better option than the a1/a2 because the tolerances are tighter and the qd flash hiders are much better). Just my opinion.
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