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 M1 Carbine parts vs Plainfield 30 Carbine? *Gas nut*
jeremyt  [Team Member]
10/21/2013 6:15:28 PM EDT
Over the weekend I picked up a Plainsfield 30 Carbine reproduction. (or post war production, whatever you'd like to call it)
After I went to shoot it I realized that it's in single shot mode. So I tore it apart tonight to realize that somebody had completely screwed up the gas piston & nut installation. Whoever had done this put the nut in before the piston and BACKWARDS! The reason they did was because the threads on the nut are obliterated. I think I can salvage this thing with just a new gas nut.

My question is - Can I order any USGI gas nut and it will fit?

I believe all the parts are interchangeable but I wanted to make sure before I spend $15 on a nut from Fulton Armory to find out that it's not the correct thread. I really don't have much in this rifle so if it's a bust then so be it but if I can make it run again it would be a fun little plinker.

Thanks in advance.
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vellnueve  [Team Member]
10/21/2013 6:41:43 PM EDT
Yes, Plainfields use all USGI compatible parts.
HardShell  [Life Member]
10/21/2013 6:53:52 PM EDT
Plainfields are my favorite commercial Carbines. I've had several and they were all GTG.

As above, use USGI parts.
jeremyt  [Team Member]
10/21/2013 7:12:25 PM EDT
Great! Thanks guys.
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