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 Any Opinions About PDC Customs?
FALex  [Member]
12/18/2010 1:33:46 PM EST
hello lads and ladies! Well, after a series of rather unfortunate events, I was suppossed to be in possession of a Savage Model 10BAS-K (yes, the fugly one). Anyhow, according to Kathy at Savage, they have discontinued that rifle (after only two years!). I was lurking around the web for aftermarket Savage stocks and came across PDC Custom. From what other blogs say, Savage may have taken this dude's design, but I know nothing of the issue, I just saw multiple comments regarding this issue (maybe why they stopped producing it?) Back on topic- have any of you folks used/held one of these stocks. I really like the design, but was curious to know if anyone has actually used one? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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patriot_performance  [Member]
12/28/2010 3:39:02 PM EST
I bought a Savage 10FCP in .308 today. They also had a BAS there for a good price. I wanted the look of the BAS, so I came across PDC Customs also. Very nice stocks, with a price to match. Good to know about the BAS being discontinued, as that has made me rethink my buying. I'm going to stick with the FCP since it has the fluted barrel and brake already and I'll do the PDC stock. I think the PDC stock is cleaner looking and will perform very well.

Good luck to you and I will try to post my rifle when I finish it.
FALex  [Member]
12/28/2010 5:29:34 PM EST
unfortunately, I was told a tall tale. Turns out, the invoice number I gave to the gal at Savage was for the 10 BAS-K with the CAA adjustable stock. Well, it turns out that CAA went under (temporarily, just recently bought out) and so Savage's contract ceased with them when they went under. Savage will still make the BAS-K it will have a Magpul PRS instead. They will not be ready to ship out until late February 2011. About PDC Customs- I love the loof of that modular stock, but I purchased a Savage 10fcp-k which has the accustock. I contacted Craig (the owner of PDC) who informed me that he has not been able to get ahold of the new Savage bolts. The lug nut/spacing is not similar to the ordinary 10fcp's. He said he would not know "for sure" if his stock would work on it. In the course of this conversation he happened to mention "my competitor out in Loma, Colorado was able to make a stcok for that new Savage..." Turns out, he was speaking of XLR Industries. If you like PDC, check out XLR. Also, cannot forget about Mcree's Precision. That dude makes some sick shit and for a great price too! It's just that, once I saw the XLR tubular design, I was sold. In fact, I ordered mine about 2 hours ago. I can post pics in another 6 weeks when I get it (build time). Oh yeah, another thing, Mcree's has them in stock, ready to ship. Scott said he is going to SHOT Show, but would be around for another two weeks! Good luck. Keep me posted!