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 Hirtenberger 7.62 battle pack ammo Value?
Trenchknife  [Member]
12/10/2006 7:15:13 PM EDT
I have one unopened Hirtenberger 7.62 ruberized battle pack and another opened half pack. I also have some loose Hirtenberger as well. What is this ammo worth? I know I haven't listed a exact round count but if anyone can give me a general idea on the unopened ammo, that would be helpful.

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Bishop223  [Team Member]
12/10/2006 7:51:31 PM EDT
Probably around $50, especially for someone who particularly likes that ammo. I paid about that for some recently because it is nigh impossible to find now and I like to have it on hand for a rainy day.
MBSL  [Member]
12/10/2006 8:34:16 PM EDT
A 200 rnd battlepack should go for about $75 or more. Just sold a couple of full cases on the EE for $375/case, 5 battlepacks per case and it went pretty quick. Some of it is Berdan primed, some Boxer. Can't tell until you open it up, shoot it and look at the flash-hole. Hirt is supposedly some of the best .308 surplus that came in.
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