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 Where Can I Buy Splatter/Texture Spray Paint?
A-Rob  [Member]
4/9/2005 8:03:53 AM EDT
I have an old beech wood stock that I want to refinish with the same kind of texture paint that Bell & Carlson uses on their stocks. I know B&C sells the touch up paint in spray cans, but only in black, and I want something grey, tan, or OD. I don't want to use bed liner paint, or that trunk liner spray they sell at Autozone, and I can't find anything through Google. Any ideas?
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dfariswheel  [Member]
4/9/2005 11:17:03 AM EDT
Most bigger hardware stores, like Lowe's have huge spray paint sections.

I saw some splatter/crackle spray paint there the other day, and I remember it was in several colors.
Princeton  [Team Member]
4/9/2005 1:00:00 PM EDT
I used this stuff and had good results:

Bought the spray can at Walmart for about $8
georgestrings  [Member]
4/9/2005 4:31:21 PM EDT
I use Rustoleum Black Textured paint for alot of my projects - it's color and texture matches the original furniture from my Bushmaster pretty well - and looks very good on FAL furniture... I know they make it in grey, also - it can be had in Wallyworld, or stores like Home Depot, Chase-Pitkin, etc - for around $5 per can... It also wears very well - try it out, I think you'll like it...

- georgestrings
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A-Rob  [Member]
4/9/2005 6:52:05 PM EDT
Thanks for the info. I've been finishing rifle stocks for a few years, and have gotten pretty good at it, but this wood is beyond hope. With or without stain, it looks like crap. I've worked with walnut, cherry, and laminates and even plain, straight grain woods can make attractive stock. Not beech. Hell, the stock is off of an Anschutz, and looks about 1000% worse than any of the stocks on 10/22's I've had. I figure I can just spray it and forget about it.
georgestrings  [Member]
4/10/2005 9:25:41 AM EDT
I sprayed some 870 furniture with that Rustoleum Black Textured paint, and it turned out great - you wouldn't know it was wood under that paint - it looked more like a synthetic set... I also did the body of a bass guitar with it - and I've gotten alot of compliments on that instrument... It's good stuff....

- georgestrings
Disco_Stu_TX  [Member]
4/10/2005 9:58:32 AM EDT
+1 on the duplicolor truckbed liner.

I used that stuff on a set of floorstanding speaker and it looks awsome. It also gives a nice textured grip that flat spraypaint wont give you.
drobs  [Team Member]
4/12/2005 8:46:34 AM EDT
Google for Spatter Paint (your spelling it wrong).
GummyBear1  [Member]
4/13/2005 5:37:12 AM EDT
How about here:

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