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 Kingsbury Collector gun safe - thoughts?
6530  [Team Member]
8/23/2002 11:39:11 AM EDT
I have a chance to pick one up at an estate sale - seems inexpensive - but I can't find any information on them.

72"H x 30.5"W x 24" D
5 adjustable shelves
S&G lock (use by many banks)
3/16" steel plate construction
Fire resistant
8 locking points
copper finish

$600 delivered.

Help! This deal's gotta happen today.


Anyone have any experience?
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FL_BOY  [Team Member]
8/23/2002 11:46:00 AM EDT
I'll take it!

Seriously, I am not familiar with that brand, but cheaper/smaller safe will go for that much, I would grab it if just to store ammo/parts/less expensive firearms.

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