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 Remington Model 10 Shotgun - Breakdown?
Thatdude333  [Team Member]
1/27/2010 9:26:38 PM EDT
I inherited this from my great uncle...

Can this thing be broken down for cleaning? If so, would anyone mind telling me how?

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dfariswheel  [Member]
1/28/2010 4:01:01 PM EDT
Model 10 disassembly:

So we're on the same page, here's an exploded view:

And the factory owner's manual:

Unload the gun.
Press the magazine lever detent, part (29) inward upon the the magazine lever (28). The Mag lever is then unlocked and can be turned crosswise so it protrudes from the right side of the magazine tube.

Rotate the magazine tube one quarter turn to unlock the tube from the receiver.

With the mag lever in the down position, slide the mag tube forward so the the lever slot in front of the tube moves forward over the lug on the barrel.
The rear of the magazine will then be free of the receiver.
Slide the fore-end forward until the end of the attached action bar is free of the bolt and receiver.

Hold the fore-end and magazine tube forward. Turn the barrel, fore-end, and mag tube as a complete unit one quarter turn clockwise (as you look down the barrel) to disengage the barrel threads from the receiver.
Pull the barrel, tube, fore-end, and action bar forward and away from the receiver.

This is enough for ordinary cleaning. Before reassembly, pull the trigger to lower the firing pin.

Further disassembly:
Use a small screwdriver to press the magazine detent inward upon the magazine lever and turn the lever free from the end of the mag tube.
Hold the lever forward and slide the tube rearward until separated from the barrel lug.
Then pull the combined tube and fore-end forward to disengage the action bar from the yoke at the rear of the barrel.

Press the magazine lever detent inward and turn the lever to re-engage fully into the end of the tube. Fore-end must be turned until the lugs on the tube match the slots in the action bar.
Pull the action bar and fore-end forward and off the magazine tube.

To remove the trigger guard and stock, unscrew the guard screw check screw (25) the guard screw (25), tang screw check screw (50) and the tang screw (49).
Pull the trigger guard and stock from the receiver.

Use a small screwdriver to pry the carrier stop (12) from bottom of receiver.
While depressing the action bar lock button (54) lift the bolt (8) out of engagement with the recoil shoulder, and move the bolt to the rear until it and the carrier (11) are out.
Un-cock the firing pin by pressing the sear (42) and remove the sear spring screw (44) and the sear spring (43).
Remove the sear, firing pin and extractor (15) with spring (16) after driving out pins which retain them.

Reassemble in the reverse. In doing so, engage the the rear end of of the carrier in the recess on the side of the bolt and hold them together while sliding them into the receiver.
Press forward on the rear of the carrier while inserting the carrier stop.

If the barrel becomes loose in the receiver, remove the barrel and magazine and unscrew the barrel adjusting bushing lock screw (7) FOUR TURNS. Slide the barrel adjusting bushing lock (6) out of engagement with the barrel adjusting bushing (4) and turn the bushing slightly counterclockwise (as you look into the front of the receiver) until the barrel will tighten in the receiver. The qualification marks on the bottom of the receiver should align.
Slide the bushing lock against the corrugations in the bushing and tighten the lock screw.

Not as bad as it sounds if you have the gun to look at.
Thatdude333  [Team Member]
1/29/2010 5:17:36 AM EDT
dfariswheel, thank you so much for the info!!!

Just a note for anyone else interested, I couldn't download the PDF of the manual unless I went to first then clicked on the link for the manual, it seems the website owner disabled hot linking.

Thanks again man!
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