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 Tell me about the Remington 597.
smaddox  [Team Member]
12/23/2011 2:36:55 PM EDT
I was in dicks and saw a heavy barrel 597 on the shelf. It seemed pretty nice but the reviews I have read don't seem to promising.
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monkeypup  [Member]
12/23/2011 3:27:34 PM EDT
Ive had a standard 597 for 4 years now and ive put 1000's of rounds through it without many hickups
pretty accurate for the price too
idaho69442  [Team Member]
12/24/2011 5:44:22 AM EDT
I have a 597 VTR w/quad rail, heavy barrel like you are talking about. Shoot it quite a bit and have'nt had a problem. Pretty simple tear down for cleaning. Most of the problems associated with the rifle stem from the first gen mags and earlier ones would sometimes get cracked recievers. If the price point is right, go for it.
ErikS  [Member]
12/24/2011 11:35:11 AM EDT
I have two they are 1 MOA at 50 yards and run better than my 1022 that shoots 2 MOA at 50. They are great little rifles that fit adults. None of my rifles have anything but stock sporter barrels. The new mags fixed the early teething pains for the rifle.
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BobCole  [Team Member]
12/24/2011 3:11:05 PM EDT
Originally Posted By smaddox:
I was in dicks and saw a heavy barrel 597 on the shelf. It seemed pretty nice but the reviews I have read don't seem to promising.

I had a HB 597 with the faux carbon fiber bbl & gorgous thumbhole stock. Sadly it looked much better than it shot. I got about 4-5" groups (with a scope) regardless of ammo I used. I ended up selling it & never regretted selling it for one micro second.

I'd pass, IMO.

My .o2
ErikS  [Member]
12/24/2011 4:23:01 PM EDT
That barrel was not the barrel that came on it new.
kingfish  [Member]
12/24/2011 5:13:45 PM EDT
I have had in mind about 10 years. All I have replaced is the stock and trigger. Not that there was anything wrong with them, I just wanted to improve a little bit. The standard barrel that comes on the rifle is heavier than most 22's. The mag release is on the side and easy to access. The stock feels like a full-size rifle not like a toy as the 1022's feel. Mine is very accurate as hitting clay pigeons at 100 yards is simple. The only problem I had was in the magazine. The follower would hang up inside the magazine. I sanded the follower I love mine and I don't foresee ever getting rid of it
s3dcor  [Member]
12/24/2011 6:17:01 PM EDT
I just purchased one of the 597 AAC-SD factory threaded model. Cost me less than $200 and it is supressor ready. I did several mods on it including a Volquartsen hammer, polished the guide rods & ways, polished the bolt at hammer contact area, free floated the barrel channel and installed a trigger overtravel screw. This is my
second one and I gave the first one to a niece last summer and she loves it. I think the Remington design is the best in the market. The bolt rides on two guide rods and
there are ways cut in the bolt to support it. This eliminates any friction or wear on the receiver. I think for the money it is a "best buy" On the down side, there are few aftermarket parts available for the 597.

That being said, I still prefer my custom supressed 10/22 over the 597 but I have many hundreds of dollars in it.
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