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 CZ452 American bolt hard to move
vm1970  [Team Member]
6/17/2011 12:04:50 PM EDT
I just purchased my first CZ452 American. The Bolt is a little difficult to cycle sometimes.Has anybody ran into this problem before and if so any questions to remedy it?
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snowman357  [Member]
6/17/2011 12:13:16 PM EDT
Try this website for cz info:( on bolt polishing)

I have the 452 varmint and will fet the ultra lux tuesday, you may just want to shoot it some my varmint go a lot nicer after 500 rounds.

fixer  [Member]
6/17/2011 12:26:44 PM EDT
is it hard to move back and forth, hard to rotate to lock and unlock, or both?

since these actions don't have typical Mauser style locking lugs art the front of the bolt like most centerfire guns and almost y be a little easier to diagnose.

you could try greasing the bolt handle where it locks into the receiver if that's where it's rough.

there might be a burr inside the receiver... i'd expect to feel it more when moving the bolt forward and back. you could remove the bolt and look into the receiver and use a brush or something to sweep any swarf/shavings out.

my 452 bolt cycles smoothly with nothing rough about iture the action into the stock would bind on anything or stick to far into the receiver, and there's no screw mounted scope mount on these guns. sometimes screws that are too long in scope mounts can bind on the bolt.
Chrome308  [Member]
6/17/2011 1:05:09 PM EDT
Probably.... it just needs breaking in.

Mine smoothed up nicely after cycling it a few hundred times with some good gun lube on and in the bolt. (back and forth anyway, mine was never stiff to rotate to lock)

Keep in mind that like most guns, these come from the factory with rust protector and not proper lubricant, so make sure to give it a thorough degreasing/cleaning and lube, esp make sure to get the bore cleaned if the gun is new.

In my experience, this is pretty typical of new bolt guns. It takes a good number of cycles before the contact areas polish up nicely at the microscopic level, and a quality lubricant helps speed up this process.

that said, if you're getting any deep scrapes on your bolt, or its really taking a lot of muscle, then something could certainly be out of order.
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vm1970  [Team Member]
6/18/2011 6:38:54 PM EDT
It is mostly when I lock the bolt down that it seems hard to do
PA452  [Team Member]
6/18/2011 9:17:51 PM EDT
I have five 452s. Some of the bolts were a little stiff when new.

With all of mine, I simply removed the bolt, gave it a good coat of somewhat heavy oil, and worked the bolt...a lot. I'd just sit there and open and close it fast maybe 30-50 times. It wears in over time. When the bolt is well lubricated, all of mine move smooth as silk.
vm1970  [Team Member]
6/19/2011 2:48:29 AM EDT
Thanks I will try that. This is my only my 2nd bolt action rifle so I am rather new to this type of firearm. Thanks to everyone who responded.
yamatitan  [Life Member]
6/19/2011 9:35:27 AM EDT
My was stiff as heck when I first got it, I did the same put some oil on the bolt and worked it about 200 times watching tv. It is now buttery smooth and I can work the acting effortlessly with my pinky finger.
mister2  [Member]
6/19/2011 9:48:01 AM EDT
I wasn't sure whether you were hot at the range or just cold, at home. If (when) you take your rifle out to the range, and use bulk (or even the better grade) ammo, expect varying degrees of stiffness as you go through a range of rim thicknesses. One of the good points of the CZ is its precision. It'll feel the variances and let you know as you crank that bolt down.

Tight is good.

Good luck!

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