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 How is lower cost Anschutz 22 rifle ($700~ 900)
SecretKeeper  [Member]
10/15/2009 7:17:44 AM EDT
I know nothing about Anschutz but want one.
Writing below is not technical yet all.

Per internet search I see (extremely roughly) two groups of Anschutz 22. rifles.
1. Below $1000
2. Over $1000

For ones over $1000, all look beautiful but out of my price range.
Then how about the ones below $1000? I checked out a couple at Cabela's and found they lack some features.
They don't look very sophisticated as over $1000 ones.

So what's the verdict on Anschutz 22LR rifles below $1000 mark?
i.e. would I be wasting money for the brand name?
i.e. would it be still better than say popular CZ 452's?

Through giftcards & current Cabela's promotions, I can knock down $250 and the final price is lower than any other internet places.

Thanks, oh please don't bash me for not knowing Anschutz details.

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BobCole  [Team Member]
10/15/2009 4:25:32 PM EDT
Allow me to vote for the CZ series in the <$500 range. I've fondled the lower grade Anschutz's as recently as this months gun show & while nice, they're not worth the extra coin for them, IMO.

My .o2
SecretKeeper  [Member]
10/16/2009 1:33:48 AM EDT
I'm going to agree with you.
Last night I stopped by again to see Anschutz and I couldn't tell if they are externally better than CZ452's.
Also I chickend out for paying $800 on 22 rifle as it will for range gun.

I decided to get a CZ452 LUX/trainer. They arevery nice...
BobCole  [Team Member]
10/16/2009 3:14:54 PM EDT
Originally Posted By SecretKeeper:

I decided to get a CZ452 LUX/trainer. They are very nice...

Ahem. You know the rules about pics...........................

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SecretKeeper  [Member]
10/16/2009 5:04:34 PM EDT
Originally Posted By BobCole:
Originally Posted By SecretKeeper:

I decided to get a CZ452 LUX/trainer. They are very nice...

Ahem. You know the rules about pics...........................

I meant to say that I decided to get CZ as of yesterday. Today I picked up CZ452 Trainer.
Funny thing is that the included CZ catalog says 452 Trainer is 452 "Standard".
I guess Trainer name was added by CZ USA marketing team.
So we should all start calling 452 Standard not cheesy Trainer.

I will take a picture tomorrow. Sorry I'm very tired already...
The best thing besides the rifle itself?
Out of pocket, I only paid $150 after tax to get it.
-$70 from Cabela's promotion for spending over $300.
-$150 Cabela's giftcard redeemed from Discover card rewards program.

I proudly told my wife that it was only $150...

Now back to rifle. Man, this is a nice rifle! I'm impressed.
I enjoy using iron sight and its sights are very good. I'm a fan of old military bolt action rifles with iron sights.
Someone said its stamped/shaped trigger guard is a turn off but mine looks good.
Mine was manufactured in May 2009.
Plan to shoot it on Sunday.

Pics are coming tomorrow~

AeroE  [Team Member]
10/16/2009 5:39:35 PM EDT
Buy a used Anschutz rifle with a Match 54 action. The one exception I recommend buying is a Model 1408 EDS with two piece barrel; don't buy that one. However, the 1408EDS was also made with a one piece barrel and shoots very fine.

I also own an Anschutz Achiever. This rifle uses the 2000 action, and it's no Match 54, but it makes a dandy rifle to carry squirrel hunting and has nice accuracy. Mine has a stack of stock spacers to get the length of pull long enough for an adult. This rifle was sold as a single shot and a magazine feed repeater. The spacers allow the gun to be shortened for kids that outgrew the Cricket. You should be able to find one for $400 or less.

Model 64's fall in between and I've seen a few that shoot like a house afire. They're easy to find for way less than $1000, they should fall closer to $500 or a little more.

Check Champion Shooter's and Champion's Choice for prices for new guns, Neal Johnson's for new or used guns, The Shooter's Corner for used guns, and MT guns for used guns (you'll have to call to find out what he has in stock).

CZ will be bringing out a Model 455 early next year to replace the 452. It won't have the barrel lug, and it will have a second action screw. I assume it's the same as the KZZ 455.

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