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 Anyone know anything about a Pedersen Custom 1500 Trap gun???
GravyTrain61  [Member]
1/14/2012 4:48:18 PM EST
Have a bow for sale and someone offered me a pedersen 1500 O/U in trade for and I am wondering what the gun is worth. I would say the gun is about 85%, just a small nick on the stock and a bit of spot rust along the top. any info would be nice. If listing on a Perfect, Excellent, Good, or Fair scale itd be "Good"
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shotar  [Team Member]
1/15/2012 2:13:01 PM EST
Going for around $750ish. They were nice guns. Beretta action finished by mossberg as a semi custom.
GravyTrain61  [Member]
1/16/2012 6:52:31 AM EST
Who is buying these?