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 Durability of parkerized vs. marinecote finish on mossbergs
leafinthewind  [Member]
12/1/2010 7:58:53 PM EDT
anybody have experience with both?
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aippi  [Team Member]
12/2/2010 9:10:57 AM EDT
Being the Mossberg receiver is aluminum it is not going to be parkerized. You can get the barrel parkerized and the receiver anonized or have the entire weapon painted. I would go with the park & anonized for any heavy use weapon.
rcdice  [Team Member]
12/3/2010 3:49:28 PM EDT
I own a Mariner and have a 590A1 inbound.

Finish on the Mariner has been solid for me. Personally, I like it better than the Marine coat that comes on the Remington, FWIW. I compared them side by side before making the purchase.

As to the comment about the Mossbergs not being parkerized: Someone better inform Mossberg of that. From their website:

"Mossberg now offers civilians 590A1 Special Purposeā„¢ models built to the same rigorously-tested specifications demanded by those in uniform. Specifications that include a heavy-walled parkerized barrel, metal trigger guard assembly, metal safety button, and an upgraded magazine tube..."

Guess I'm a little early on the comparo post. A1 will be here late next week.

RumbleTruck  [Team Member]
12/4/2010 1:51:12 PM EDT
I have experience w/both.

My agency (municipal LE) has about 40 15 - 20 yr. old 500/590's with both the stainless looking finish and the bead blasted looking finish (marine coat?).

The marine coat finish does not flake off like the stainless looking finish. Lots of the 500's with the stainless looking finish have flaking issues.

We've had some 14" 590A1's (parkerized) for about 12 years that have held up great - no rust at all.

We are in the process of replacing all of the 500/590's with parkerized 14" 590A1's (w/Surefire LED foreends and GRS).
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aippi  [Team Member]
12/4/2010 2:03:42 PM EDT
Read my post there Dice. The receiver is not parkerized. You can not parkerized aluminum. So pass on the flip comment about informing Mossberg, they know the difference between parkerizing and anodizing and the cut an paste you posted says nothing about the receiver. The OP may have been under the impression he could have his Mossberg parkerized so I cleared it up for him. In fact many Mossberg owners think their Receiver is parkerized as they don't understand finishes as I think you may not. Parkerizing is one of the best rust prevention finishes around and since Aluminum does not rust it makes no difference that aluminum can't be parkerized. Mute issue except for clarification or when someone wants to compare what they think is parkerizing to another finish. Point in fact is the LEO that posted above me that his agency has parkerized Mossbergs when only parts of the weapon are.
rcdice  [Team Member]
12/4/2010 3:29:13 PM EDT
Well, ok then J.D. Looks like we're all clear now. Sorry, didn't mean to insult your product knowledge.

RumbleTruck - Great to hear some long term feedback on the marine coat. Mine has been durable, but then again, I haven't had mine in service for 15+ years like your agency. Good stuff!
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