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 870 Loading Gate Stuck On Shot Shell when Tube is Loaded
Kevdog  [Member]
7/31/2010 10:15:45 AM EDT
I own a Remington 870 and recently added some Scattergun Tech accessories to turn it into a “Border Patrol” clone; I also added the 6 round side saddle. Now when I load the magazine tube the loaded the gate will get stuck on the rear end of the shot shell, and does not move freely (like it should). The action will not reliably cycle.
I contacted Wilson Combat and they said that the screws for the side saddle are too tight. I loosened them and continued to have the same problem. I wonder if the magazine spring they gave me is too stiff, and its tension is overwhelming the shot shell catch. Anyone have any ideas? Any experience with this? Thanks!
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aippi  [Team Member]
7/31/2010 11:00:40 AM EDT
1. Take the side saddle off and reinstall the factory tigger plate pins. If the issue goes away it is the side saddle, but that is strange.

2. The part you are refering to is a call the shell carrier. Is it getting stuck on the follower? Or does it stick only when shells are loaded into the magazine tube?

3. It would not be the magazine spring as the shell latch stops the shell in the same position regardless of the tension on the magazine spring, it could be the follower if there are no shells in the magazine tube and your weapon has been using a stainless steel follower which would have damaged the follower stop lip on your magazine tube.

4. You could have damaged the shell carrier during these modifications. There should be a .015 cap between the end of the carrier and the base of a shell in the magazine tube. There is no way I can know as I don't have it to examine.

All the above is guessing as not having the weapon in ones hand makes it hard to find an issue. Hope somthing above helps
Kevdog  [Member]
7/31/2010 12:39:49 PM EDT
Thanks for the quick and helpful post aippi!
I did remove the side saddle and replaced the screws with the original trigger pins and the issue did not go away. The shell carrier does not get stuck on the plastic Scattergun follow, but it does get stuck on the shells in the magazine. It is very possible that I did damage the shell carrier while making the modifications, although I was careful. There is definitely no gap between the end of the shell carrier and the rear of a shell in the magazine, so I guess I need to take my shotgun somewhere. Any idea of how much that would cost? Thanks!
wildearp  [Team Member]
7/31/2010 1:09:58 PM EDT
If you take the crap off it, Remington will probably fix it under warranty. I say crap figuratively, since I have the same crap on mine. Why not send it to Wilson? They may have some felt obligation to make their parts work on your gun.

I looked at mine pretty close and there is no tight tolerance on the lifter, carrier or anything. I can't understand what may be out of place. Can you post a few photos? Turn on the macro on your digital cam and take some clear close ups.

Both of my 870s run the Scattergun Tech/Wolf springs and there is no problem. The shell retainer for the mag tube may be bent, or something is probably wrong in that area.
ikor  [Moderator]
7/31/2010 3:50:09 PM EDT
Very odd. What you are stating does not compute.

Forget Wilson...they will not do work for free on guns they did not work on, Wilson parts or not...they will charge you. Take everything you have added off of your shotgun and see if it works correctly. If so, add one thing at a time until you isolate the problem. If not, send it to Remington.

Or, you could send the gun and all parte to JD or another competent 'smith and let them get it working for you.
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GunCat  [Team Member]
7/31/2010 4:32:58 PM EDT
Disassemble, then reassemble the gun using the factory parts. Be sure both shell latches are properly depressed when you slip the bolt and forend tube assembly back into the receiver.

Did you remove or swap forearms? Is the fore end tube nut tight? ( Is the forearm properly positioned on the tube?)

Just this week a guy brought in a 870 that would not cycle shell the action or lock up properly. The forend nut was loose so when he pushed the forearm forward the action still lacked about 1/8” going into battery.
Kevdog  [Member]
8/4/2010 10:34:41 AM EDT
Thanks everyone for the replies.
I definitely agree that this problem is weird. I have had this shotgun for 12 years, and it has been a great gun—never any problems.
First off, I found out that my shotgun is no longer covered under warranty so Remington probably will not do anything for me. I may still contact them depending on what Wilson Combat says. I have been talking with WC tech support and I may be able to send it to them.
I systematically worked through setting my shotgun up as it originally came, and then with all combinations of features. I then loaded the magazine tube to the maximum and worked the shell carrier up and down. Some set ups worked initially, but eventually they all (including the original setup) developed the malfunction. In doing all this I wasn’t able to isolate the problem, only exclude a few possibilities.
Now I did exchange the forend, but I was sure to reinstall it correctly, depressing the shell latches. The nut was tight and the forend was mounted on the tube correctly. I hope Wilson can help me out, or I may take it to a local gun smith.

Here are two pictures of what the malfunction looks like. I hope they work!¤t=IMGP3783.jpg#!¤t=IMGP3783.jpg#!

MattNificent  [Member]
8/4/2010 12:52:10 PM EDT
does this happen with a fully loaded magtube? when you try to load the last shell in?
Hydra-shokz  [Team Member]
8/4/2010 1:49:12 PM EDT

Looks like the shell latch is bent. Or is it possible it slid back since you're not using the factory pins? I'm just guessing here.
firefuzz1  [Team Member]
8/5/2010 4:13:04 AM EDT
You might try some different ammo. Maybe............

wildearp  [Team Member]
8/5/2010 4:27:44 AM EDT
There is almost 1/8" gap between my loading gate and the shell. Definately a problem. The shell retainer looks like it is in the right place and not bent. I bet one of the side saddle bolts is undersized allowing the retainer to move out of position, as mentioned above.
Kevdog  [Member]
8/5/2010 6:55:31 AM EDT
I've tried this with different types of ammo, and all have lead to the same problem. Also the federal ammo in the tube in the picture is what I most regularly shot before the modifications

It could definitely be a screw that is out of spec.
Hydra-shokz  [Team Member]
8/5/2010 11:35:00 PM EDT
Well take that side saddle off, put the pins back and tell us what you get.
Kevdog  [Member]
8/6/2010 11:38:29 AM EDT
When I removed the side saddle, replaced the original pins, and loaded the tube the shell carrier still gets caught the same way.
aippi  [Team Member]
8/6/2010 11:45:08 AM EDT
Take it in as there is a slight adjustment needed and I will not tell you to do it becasue If it is done wrong then you FUBAR your carrier, which is what you are calling the gate. A Remington armorer will make the adjustment correctly and end the issue.
Kevdog  [Member]
8/6/2010 11:55:58 AM EDT
Great! Is there a good way to find a local armorer?
aippi  [Team Member]
8/6/2010 5:13:52 PM EDT
I did not mean to suggest it would take a Remington Armorer. Any of the older gun smiths have worked on more 870 then I have and can fix the issue. Find one in your area with a good reputation and contact him.
SchlaffTablett  [Team Member]
9/23/2010 10:05:18 AM EDT
I would say that you probably re-installed the forearm incorrectly and have the right shell latch pinned under the operating rod. Take it back apart and when you reinstall everything go slowly and do not force anything. The op-rods will go in just slightly and stop. when they stop you should feel resistance on the shell stop. Pull your forearm out slightly, push in on the shell stop and slide the rod past. Repeat for the other side. Let me know how it works.

Aippi, I don't think his carrier is bent, that is just for the feed timing. I'm betting (in case you couldn't already figure it out )this is the shell latch.

And HOLY HELL I just realized this is a over a month old! I hope you got your shotty fixed.
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