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 12 gauge signal flares in shotgun
Currahee  [Team Member]
5/18/2005 10:47:50 PM EDT
Do the 12 gauge flares, commonly used in marine flare guns, work in standard shotguns?
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mr_wilson  [Team Member]
5/19/2005 3:07:05 AM EDT
These guys sell Flare rounds that'll work in your 12ga :, pick Online Catalog, then 12ga Flare Pistol to get to the rounds.

I would assume any 12ga flare round would work in your 12 ga. shotgun, note: be sure to clean it well before putting it up after firing these types of rounds thru it.

Leonovicz  [Member]
5/19/2005 6:00:12 AM EDT
Firequest and their specialty ammunition have been the subject of other forums threads, and nobody has posted about them in a favorable light. At the very least I would recommend you perform further research into the composition of a 12 GA. flare. Does it require a cylinder bore barrel? Is the primer the same as those found on traditional ammunition.

See if you can locate the manufacturer's website or physical address; I personally would not use such products unless I was given an explicit assurance that using them would not cause any harm to the property or safety of myself or anyone else.
AKvsAR  [Member]
5/28/2005 9:38:08 PM EDT
I fired a Dragon's breath out of a sawed off 870 (18.5) in the dark. If you are wearing a welding mask, go right ahead. If not The barrel was a mess on the inside. But man was it fun. Bright does not explain it one bit!
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Currahee  [Team Member]
5/28/2005 9:42:44 PM EDT
These are just orion 12 gauge signal flares. I'm doubting they would work, but I'd like to know
Ryno_the_wyno  [Member]
5/29/2005 11:15:16 PM EDT
Don't mess with signal flares in your 12 gauge, at least the ones availible at Wal Mart or something. They are not desinged to be shot in a shotgun, but a flare launcher and can ignite or get lodged in your barrel destroying it. Its not worth it...there are people that make real 12 gauge flares for all your pyro fantasies, but shooting anything other than ammo appropriate for your weapon is always a bad idea.
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