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 Price check on a NIB Ruger Mark II slab side stainless and a LNIB S&W 2206
mauiblue  [Team Member]
4/15/2009 9:05:01 PM EDT
Aloha to all. I just came home from a former FFL dealer. He had a couple .22lr pistols that piqued my curiosity. The first pistol he showed me was a LNIB S&W 2206 stainless pistol. He says it has about 500 rounds through it but it didn't look like it as it looked immaculate. He is firm on $300 with original box, manual, and one magazine. The other pistol he showed me was a NIB Ruger Mark II slab side 6 7/8" stainless. He wants $400 with the original box, manual, and I think he has the two original magazines. I did a Google search on the S&W 2206 and I didn't find much good feed back on it so the I may consider the Ruger more so than the S&W. But the thing is for the Ruger I think he is asking a bit too much. I did a quick search on the Internet and when it was available the price for a new Ruger Mark II slab side stainless 6 7/8" at about $349 on sale. In comparison, I bought my Mark III Hunter stainless fluted 6 7/8' for $460 plus shipping. Is he asking too much for these pistols especially the Ruger Mark II? Mahalo in advance.
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wetidlerjr  [Life Member]
4/16/2009 10:10:08 AM EDT
No, the Ruger is good for that price and the 2206 is also a good pistol and would go for that here in central Indiana. I say get both (in fact, I have both !) but I am a real 22LR nut. The Ruger MK IIs are getting hard to find and the price they went for when they were being produced means very little.
mauiblue  [Team Member]
4/16/2009 3:20:14 PM EDT
Thanks for the response. Well, it looks like I just might get a new Ruger Mark II in my collection in the near future. I'll think about the S&W for a bit longer.
mzdaffyd  [Member]
4/20/2009 1:45:01 PM EDT
I have a stainless 4" 2206 that I traded for in 1997. I love this pistol shoots great with quality ammo and holds 12 rounds. I also had the Ruger but got rid of it as I liked the grip on the 2206 better.
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eddiein1984  [Member]
4/20/2009 3:57:29 PM EDT
I would skip the 2206. The Ruger isn't cheap, but that is a fair price for one NIB.
wwynter  [Member]
4/20/2009 4:49:33 PM EDT
very fair price on Ruger. And plenty of Mags available. Buy it you wont be sorry.
Ameshawki  [Member]
4/22/2009 11:08:28 AM EDT
Do not buy the Smith, and I say that as a Smith guy. Our club has gone thru three of them. At some point in time the take down piece will break and you will play hell finding a replacement.

The Ruger has been in production for over fifty years. The Smith came and went in about five. Think about that for a moment.
rip2k3  [Member]
4/22/2009 6:43:07 PM EDT
Tell me where the Smith is at and I will purchase it. I have two, they are great guns.
mauiblue  [Team Member]
4/22/2009 6:58:19 PM EDT
Thanks for all the replies. I've already applied for my permit to acquire for the Ruger so that transaction will be a done deal.

A buddy of mine who used to be a FFL dealer has it here on Maui. I don't know if you want to go through the trouble to get the S&W from Maui. But if you do I could forward the info to my buddy.
frog5215  [Member]
4/23/2009 4:55:17 PM EDT
Could you like, PM me the dealer's name and phone #?

I have a 422 and a 2206,(and a M-41) I'll give $300 in a New York minute for another 2206, one of the best .22s ever made, great suppressor host (already threaded, needs only an adapter).
mauiblue  [Team Member]
4/23/2009 7:02:50 PM EDT
Hi frog5215. I'll have my buddy contact you per your PM. But I'll talk to him and see if I could get relay his phone number to you.
DIXIEDOG  [Member]
4/24/2009 11:13:08 PM EDT
I would've jumped all over the Ruger if I saw it for that price The MKII are in my opinion much better than the new Mark III Rugers and I can easily see them going up in value as years go by and they aren't in every gun shop.
mauiblue  [Team Member]
5/5/2009 11:39:40 PM EDT

After the mandatory two week wait for my permit to acquire to be approved, here is my NIB Ruger Mark II 6 7/8" slab side (Competition Target Model):

I got it home tonight and cleaned it up a bit. I detail stripped it, cleaned off the old factory grease, and cleaned out the barrel. I got it lubed up and got out a tube of Flitz polish. I polished the steel to a glimmering shine. I must admit, it looks better than my Mark III Hunter stainless fluted 6 7/8" that I purchased last fall. I didn't realize that the Mark II came with goodies like a scope mount and stainless scope rings. One of the magazines still had a warning label attached and decided to just leave it alone. My buddy that sold it to me even had the original cardboard shipping box with the original label and it also is in immaculate condition. I went to the Ruger website and researched the serial number of this pistol. I found that this Mark II was made in 1994. I noticed that the bolt release lever was sticking a bit and found that it was binding against the inside of the grip. I sanded the inside of the grip a bit to give the lever better clearance and now all is well. This beauty will stay a safe queen for a bit if not longer.

Now I know why the Mark II is a well sought out .22lr pistol.
OdT  [Moderator]
5/6/2009 10:58:59 AM EDT
wetidlerjr  [Life Member]
5/7/2009 3:06:10 AM EDT

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