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bianchi59  [Team Member]
5/3/2009 11:42:06 PM EDT
I have one. Great ccw. Get a wollf 13# recoil spring and an 11# hammer spring and it's a new walther. Accurate and reliable
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53vortec  [Team Member]
5/4/2009 1:25:58 AM EDT
I concur, fantastic pistols, am hoping I can find a few more still reasonably priced next time I'm home.
JoeCoastie  [Team Member]
6/4/2009 2:04:13 PM EDT
CDNN has them brand new for 150$. They only come with one mag though. I got one and it was in absolutely great shape. I replaced the recoil spring with a 15# spring and the hammer/main spring with a 9# from Wolf springs. The only thing that I noticed as far as a trade off was that there is now noticable takeup in single action. However, it makes double action a dream. In my honest opinion, it feels like a Beretta M9's double action with less stacking. Anyway, I just thought I would add my two cents.
bluedog2  [Member]
7/17/2009 8:19:10 PM EDT
I just got one today and I would call it a very angry pistol without the Wolff springs but I'll keep it in all it's angriness. Do you gentlemen experience the slide not always locking to the rear
after the last round is fired? Also the instructions say that you can chamber a round with the safety on and it stays cocked but the decocker kicks in and decocks it.
Is the book wrong? About the slide question, I have used different mags with the failure to lock happen with each one of them once or twice.
Over all I like the pa 63 and I think it serves the purpose of home defense just fine but if I wanted it for a plinker I'd change the springs. Oh, and I've found that she doesn't like fiocchi
ammo at all.
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legumeofterror  [Member]
7/20/2009 8:41:34 AM EDT
mine loves fiocchi ammo, and it is what i carry if i take out my PA-63. take out the ejector/slide stop and see is there is something obstructing it or if it is really dirty. are the edges of it worn away and the slide slipping off of it?
bluedog2  [Member]
7/22/2009 4:16:54 PM EDT
I looked at it today and the catch slips over the claw on the mag that is suppose to activate it. It bugs me that it doesn't hold open but as long as it feeds like it should doesn't make it a total
loss. I may take it to a smith and see if it can be fixed.

By the way, it eats barnaul hollow points and Sellier & Bellot fmj just fine.
JSHMNGHM  [Member]
7/23/2009 11:48:44 AM EDT

This guy was asking about which parts usually wear out on a Makarov:

SfcRet wrote:
"if anything will wear out, it's going to be the slide release. all that is stamped sheet metal, the catch will eventually wear out where it won't lock the slide back after the last round"

The PA63 is built a little different than the Mak, but I imagine could experience some of the same issues.

This is a great message board for the Makarov (and its cousins) if you did not know about it:
bluedog2  [Member]
7/23/2009 6:36:02 PM EDT
Thank you for the replies.
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