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 RG Industries Model 23 Revolver .22 LR?
CRC  [Team Member]
9/24/2002 6:59:34 AM EDT
Someone gave me yesterday a "RG Industries Miami Florida" revolver model 23 chambered in .22 LR. This gun was bought in 1973 I think and hasn't been fired in many, many years. I've never heard of RG Industries and wonder if this gun would be safe to shoot? Any info is appriciated.

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ikor  [Team Member]
9/24/2002 9:21:12 AM EDT
This clunk is worth exactly what you paid for it. "RG" stands for "Real Gunk".
Ameshawki  [Member]
9/24/2002 10:18:59 AM EDT
The original Saturday Night Special. Junk. RG is long gone out of business, lawsuits I believe.

Safe to shoot? Probably. Pleasant to shoot? No.

anothergene  [Team Member]
9/25/2002 7:27:53 AM EDT
Crack me up, one of those survived?
They were famous for jumping time, misfires and parts falling off.
I use those (and starter pistols) for the gun buy back programs.
An Iver Johnson revolver with a city chicken stick in the cylinder got me $50, along with a $6 blank gun...$50, no questions asked.
Come see my extensive collection of RGs and Clerkes...
Seriously, try it out, in .22 it may stay intact for you.
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RiffRandall  [Member]
9/25/2002 11:47:29 AM EDT
My grandparents still have one that they got in the early/mid '70s. I've shot it just for grins but it is quite a POS. If someone gave me one I'd take it but spend $$$ & go thru a NICS check/4473 for one?
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