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 Max Tuck from White Hat Holsters?
turbowarp  [Team Member]
4/16/2011 10:07:20 AM EDT
Just like everyone else, I am in search of the perfect IWB holster. So, one more try with an hybrid IWB Kydex setup. I found a company called White Hat Holsters, anyone heard of them? I carry either a P229 non-rail, P2340 or M&PC, but usually OWB in a Raven Concealment or IWB in a Royal Guard; with untucked shirt/cover garment.

Since summer is upon us once again and my work-day dress includes a tucked in shirt, I'm on a journey to find the a solution that works for me. I tried out a friends Crossbreed Supertuck, don't remember why, but didn't really care for it, instead I ended up buying Minotaur MTAC Holster. The Minotaur MTAC just seemed to have flexible/flimsy belt clips and on more than one occasion, with loose pants, I pulled my gun with the whole kit and kaboodle out of my pants. (That's no good.)

While they are patterned quite similarly to any number of the other hybrid kydex/leather IWB holsters, one of the things that I like about these holsters is that the kydex can be ordered with a custom color or even camo. The kydex shell is also switchable to accommodate other guns. They have some videos on YouTube showing off some of their designs and benefits over others. I called and spoke with Tony, seems like a nice enough guy and ordered a Max Tuck IWB Kydex holster for my M&P 40 Compact. They have a 14 day NQA return/trial period, so I said what's to loose but a few dollars in shipping?

What do you think? I'll see what I think in a week or so, when it's delivered.

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