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 Beretta 92 magazine base-pad replacements?...
HardShell  [Team Member]
7/21/2004 3:18:16 PM EDT
Does anyone here know where I could order some new/replacement base-pads for some of my pre-ban 15-rd. magazines?

IIRC, some company that also made very nice rubber grips for the 92 (not Pachmayer, Hogue, etc. - somebody much more specialized) also made some nice rubber-covered base-pad replacements, but I am unable to find them.

Some of my existing base-pads are quite chewed up from tactical reload practice...
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ikor  [Team Member]
7/22/2004 4:22:23 AM EDT
I, too, have seen the rubber pads but cannot recall who they were made by. I thought at first it was Pearce, the same people who make the extensions, etc. but their's adds two rounds to the mag and the ones I saw did not. I believe the agency using them actually bought them from Beretta but Beretta did not manufacture them. (I have sen new Berettas with the rubber-like pads on the mags) They did have some issues with them tearing but they were being used by a bunch of ham-handed rookies.

These people make an aluminum pad that looks interesting but they are pretty expensive and I have no knowledge of the quality of the product nor their service...

I would call Beretta and see about getting some originals I think...probably less expensive.
HardShell  [Team Member]
7/22/2004 5:55:24 AM EDT
Thanks for posting that link... I think... They are too expensive to put them on all of my mags, but dang if I'm not VERY tempted to try out a couple of them.

I will try to contact Beretta about price/availability/etc. Thanks again!
ikor  [Team Member]
7/22/2004 6:54:24 AM EDT
Yeah, they are a bit pricey, but they should last a long time.

There may also be other pads made by smaller companies that will do the trick for you if Beretta does not come through.

Good Luck
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slavex  [Member]
7/22/2004 8:14:21 PM EDT
go to for info on all Beretta parts and accessories that matter. Ernest is a great guy, and even if it's not listed on his site, he probably has it in stock.
SKD_Tactical  [Dealer]
7/28/2004 11:50:02 AM EDT
+1 for Langdon Tactical
Beretta and Classic Sig work, factory/custom parts, and training extraordinaire.
ikor  [Team Member]
7/29/2004 10:59:16 AM EDT

The ones we are thinking of are made by Farrar. I cannot find a website but they are available from several dealers. Farrar actually was the first company to get Beterra approval for use of its aftermarket grips on their guns.
E-95  [Team Member]
7/29/2004 11:15:48 AM EDT
Damn Hardshell, you've been reading my mind. A friend and I were just discussing the rubber baseplates on his Kimber mags and I started looking for them for my Beretta.

Thanks to slavex and SKD for the info on Langdon Tactical.

SKD_Tactical  [Dealer]
7/29/2004 11:20:05 AM EDT
You can order Beretta's large rubber base pads that come with their Elite series guns. I've got them on 8 of my training mags. They make a huge difference when indexing them from magazine pouches, carry or tactical. The description from LTT's website is as follows:

Elite Rubber Magazine Bottoms $10.00
These are the rubber magazine bottoms that come on the Beretta Elite and Elite II pistols. They are slightly longer than the standard bottom and protect the magazine bottom when dropped. They also assist in positive magazine seating during rapid reloading.
LTT-MAGB One Rubber Magazine bottom for 92/96

New factory Beretta mags come with a polymer covered steel base plate. These are good, and offer the same profile as the Aluminum ones that crack. The Checkmate magazines have a sheetmetal base plate, and those have a bad tendency to bend when dropped on the deck. When the front portion bends enough, yer screwed cause you wont be able to seat the mags into the gun any longer.

HardShell  [Team Member]
8/4/2004 12:03:38 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ikor:

The ones we are thinking of are made by Farrar. I cannot find a website but they are available from several dealers. Farrar actually was the first company to get Beterra approval for use of its aftermarket grips on their guns.

FARRAR. THAT'S IT! My memory must be slipping in my old age!

Two of my Beretta 92s were PD-contract guns which came finished in Robar's NP3 (VERY nice!) and stocked with the Farrar grips (matte black ruber, "mottled" look, Beretta factory logo), which I replaced with CT LaserGrips. I don't know why I couldn't remember the name.

slavex and SKD : Thanks for the LTT heads-up & links!

ETA: BTW, sorry for the delayed response - been out of town at a conference.
E-95  [Team Member]
8/6/2004 9:03:04 AM EDT
I just found the following information quoting American Handgunner in a Sept-Oct, 2002 article as the source:

Looksmart FindArticles

Pearce Grip, Inc.

Pearce Grip, Inc. has acquired Farrar Grips and is re-introducing their popular rubber grips for the Beretta Model 92 series, 96 series, 8000, 8040, 8045 and 84F auto pistols. Rubber bumper pads for the 92 series magazines are also available. For more information or for a dealer near you contact: Pearce Grip, Inc., P.O. Box 40367, Fort Worth, TX 76140 or call (800) 390-9420.

COPYRIGHT 2002 Publishers' Development Corporation
COPYRIGHT 2002 Gale Group

With that in mind, here's the link to Pearce Grip, Inc.

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