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 Bought a G....
Will  [Team Member]
12/9/2011 9:01:34 AM EDT
I bought a G today. I have been selling a few Berettas actually lately and moving in a different direction but I thought the price was good. I paid $399 OTD. Gun is in about 95% condition, excellent finish, been carried only a very little if at all and fired not much. One interesting thing I found was that it has the "Police Special" P and Shield marking but instead of being on the slide it's on the right side of the trigger guard. Gun has old night sights and the grip screws are stainless. A nice piece, came with two original Italian Beretta magazines with aluminum bases. Probably going to give it to my son for Christmas.
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BobCole  [Team Member]
12/10/2011 3:19:11 AM EDT

556A2  [Team Member]
12/10/2011 3:38:34 PM EDT
Keep the G.

You'll regret it if you don't.
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