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 Holsters which are CONFIRMED to fit a 92A1 properly?
Tomislav  [Team Member]
12/28/2010 5:02:12 AM EST
I posted this question over at Beretta Forum as well, but I'd like to get as complete a list as possible...

I have searched here and some other boards, and have read of a few that 'should' fit (Safariland 6280 #7321 for instance), but I wonder if folks who have a 92A1 (with or without a light mounted) would post here what they KNOW works?

ETA: Thanks to Drumstix61, I went ahead and ordered some Safariland holsters. The first one came in today. It is a 6004-73421-121, for Beretta 92F Vertec with TLR-1 (4.7" bbl).

Fits PERFECTLY with my 92A1 sporting a Surefire X200.

Pictures in the next day or two. The other holster I ordered is also a Safariland, a open-top paddle. Should fit, since its for the same 'combo', but I'll confirm when it gets in.

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JayTXGunner  [Member]
12/28/2010 12:08:17 PM EST
I don't own a 92A1, but I have personally seen a 92A1 with light fit in a 92 Vertec with light holster just fine.
Tomislav  [Team Member]
12/28/2010 12:11:18 PM EST
Originally Posted By JayTXGunner:
I don't own a 92A1, but I have personally seen a 92A1 with light fit in a 92 Vertec with light holster just fine.

Hrmmm, I guess the shape of the trigger guard doesn't matter once you have a light on there? (Its rounded on the 92/96a1 and 90-Two, and square on just about every other 92x variant out there. Yay Beretta! )
JayTXGunner  [Member]
12/28/2010 7:49:00 PM EST

It was a Streamlight TR-1, if that matters.

The activation switch and bulk of the light make the shape of the trigger guard pointless really.

Yea, you'd think they'd standardize to make things easy, but nope...
ar15rabits  [Member]
12/29/2010 3:11:43 PM EST
picking up my new m92a1 tomorrow, will also need a holster, and also left handed
Drumstix61  [Member]
12/30/2010 2:47:37 AM EST
you have replies on the Beretta Forum.

Tomislav  [Team Member]
12/30/2010 5:43:40 AM EST
Originally Posted By Drumstix61:
you have replies on the Beretta Forum.


Many thanks.

Love Safariland, so I'll try to hunt down a model on Cops Plus for a 92x with TLR-1/X200, and will report back.

For a light-less holster, I will try something made for the 90-Two, since the trigger guard issue could come into play. Still looking at my options in that regards.
MJOW  [Member]
1/3/2011 7:56:21 AM EST
The Tornado Tactical Leg holster works out great. CTD has them for $30, and it is worth every penny.
Drumstix61  [Member]
1/4/2011 5:28:33 AM EST
Gave it some thought and did some research...

Looks Like Blade-Tech and Safariland have the best/most options,and most are over $100 .

Blade-Tech Paddle or Belt,choose from the "drop down" box your Gun and Light/Light Laser combo;

Thigh Rigs;

This one has the WRS System similar to Safarilands rotating hood/with x200;

WRS with no light/laser;

Safariland has a good many options as well;

A link;

This link is to their "will fit" pdf;

Something similar on Optics Planet;

At least options are out there...

I actually contacted BlackHawk to see if they had plans to make either the CQC Serpa or Level II available for the DASH/M9-A1/Vertec/G-SD/EliteIA/92-A1, in various configurations of Light/Laser combo's and they replied no.You can only use OUR Xyphos Light...
I let them know they are missing out on much dinero$.

I do know however,that their Omega VI Ultra/Elite Universal,will accomodate any config you have,but it's ballistic nylon.

Good hunting,and let us know what you find,

ps....sorry the links are "cold".Not sure why,just copy/paste
Tomislav  [Team Member]
1/5/2011 7:54:37 AM EST
Jesus, heckuva writeup there Drumstix61! Thanks.
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